Wednesday, December 3, 2008

According to RTM, the Thai unrest is because a Chinese was made the PM (?!)


December 1st, 2008 by Teresa

I hardly watch RTM programmes at night. Last night (29 November 2008), I reached home slightly early and I managed to watch some parts of a special programme about the political unrest in Thailand.

The presenter told the audience on the head and tails of series of political development of Thailand while showing the visual of political development in Thailand. He said all demonstrations are because the protestors reject Thaksin and his proxy party to be in power. The last line of the voice over of the programme is: “The lesson we can learn from Thai political unrest is, never let non pri-bumi to rule the country.”

I got a shock to hear this line in the programme. After the video presentation, a lady presenter interviewed a political science academic while receiving phone calls from audience on the political situation in Thailand. A male then called in and said he agreed fully with the statement made by the presenter of the documentary on Thai unrest, i.e. never let a non pri-bumi to rule the country.

My question is, what is “race” or skin colour got to do with the Thai political unrest? Has RTM become a tool for UMNO to impart racial consciousness to the audience, especially the Malay audience?

I have been told that many Malay morning talk shows in RTM and ASTRO have been quite racist lately? Is BN government going to use TV as a channel to split the racial relations in the country?


The RTM commentators missed the point of the Thai protests altogether.

They are not protesting the race of the people in power. they are protesting the CORRUPTION and ABUSE OF POWER! If it was about race, Thaksin would never have been elected as PM in the first place la....bahlol!

Read the Thai protesters' comments and placards - not a single word about race!

These UMNO goons are so blinded by their own racist propaganda they can't wipe enough bullshit from their eyes to see the world for what it really is!

Fortunately, there are plenty of rakyat with their Eyes Wide Open!


  1. It is their agenda to press for race supremacy, and to blame the 'other races'. How can our nation ever progress with such mentality in the leadership?

  2. peng, I would hesitate to use the word "leadership" to describe most of the politicians in our country.

    What our country is facing now is a leadership crisis. in the absence of direction, everyone is scrambling for their own agenda. The Pathetic Mumbler is too busy talking in his sleep to do anything useful and too weak-willed to lead.

    The only real political leadership we are seeing now is from TDM. He makes his "pronouncements" from outside UMNO and his proxies from within UMNO scramble to fall in line. he's like a long-distance consultant general/king or whatever...

  3. True, we have a leadership crisis in our country. The nation is on auto-pilot now. The only leaders we have are those edging each other for first position in enriching self.
    As for TDM, he's trying hard to get back inside, by proxy through various means.
    For the rakyat, we just sit and watch, hoping for some divine intervention.