Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Solution For Malaysian Education

1) Government should only pay for a SINGLE NATIONAL STANDARDISED education system. (There is no reason why the government should pay for different school systems. A parent will not cook 3 dinners for 3 children. All 3 children eat the same dinner - whatever is on the table!) This structure and content of this standardised system should be decided on by academicians and stakeholders. Politics & politicians, please PISS OFF!

2) ALL other alternative streams of education (including vernacular schools) should be freely allowed, but are to be privately-funded. Those who insist on sending their kids to vernacular schools will have to pay private-school fees (and these schools must open their doors to welcome other races without discrimination). Those who can't afford the fees, will send their kids to National schools.

3) As a people-friendly government, it should set aside a certain amount of money to aid needy alternative-stream schools. However, any government funding for these schools will be approved on a case-to-case basis, based on pre-determined criteria (with priority given to schools that serve a socially-concerned function such as schools for the handicapped), at the recommendation of a board made up of academicians and stakeholders, duly elected by stakeholders. Politicians and politics, PISS OFF!

4) Government should also set aside a certain amount of money as scholarships for students to study in alternative-stream schools. Again, any government scholarship for these students will be approved on a case-to-case basis, based on pre-determined criteria (with priority given to help poor students who achieve outstanding results in a specific area not offered in national schools. For example, a piano scholarship for a child to go to a school for the musically gifted). Scholarships will be recommended by a board made up of academicians and stakeholders, duly elected by the stakeholders. Again, politicians and politics - PISS OFF!

In this way, there is a choice of school available to everyone, so that every child will be able to find his place in any school system that suits him/her. No child will be left behind.

It will also open up the various school systems to proper competition (both intra-school and inter-system) because children from the various races will be more evenly distributed among the various schools. The racial distribution of talent is more even, so it's a great opportunity for them to interact and integrate. And with competition, our children can begin to learn how to forget about skin colour and instead respect each other for their abilities and achievements.

It would be up to the various systems to attract and nurture the best and the brightest. If the private school systems are consistently trumping the government school system in exam results, it would be immediate feedback for the Ministry of Education to buck up and do something to improve the quality of education. If the National schools system trumps the alternative streams, then parents will lose incentive to send their children there and they will die a natural death. It's survival of the fittest - and this ensures that the talent pool in Malaysia continues to grow.

Why should there be so much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair? Simple need to force anyone to do anything at all.


  1. Dear Eyes wide open,

    My eyes were wide shut after reading item no. 1. Sorry bro/sis.

  2. Dear Izzshah, your eyes already shut before you read. I'm glad you're not in any position of influence in real life!