Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Syabas Angkatan Basikal JERIT!

Many congratulations to the JERIT cyclists who braved the weather and persevered through the long distances to complete their mission! Most of all, their fortitude is to commended as they braved police harassment, detention, and even attacks, in order to deliver their memo on peace, justice and reform.

Theirs is indeed a mission of peace on behalf of all the nation's peace-loving and fair minded citizens. I salute their courage and conviction!

However, the last day of their campaign, where they finally delivered their memo to Parliament (under threats of arrest by police), was again marred by police brutality.

In a Suaram press statement:

About 11.15am one of the cyclists - Tamilchelvan A/L Masilamani (in his early forties) ) was arrested by the police. The offence against him was obstructing police duty. He was accused of blaming the police personnel for stealing their bicycles, although he had only stated that their bicycles were lost.

According to Tamilchelvan who still detained at IPD Dang Wangi, he was beaten up by about 10-15 police personnel during the arrest. He was then bleeding and has not been able to access medical treatment until now.

Update 6pm: From Suaram -

Tamilchelvan A/L Masilamani who was arrested this morning at the House of Parliament has been released on police bail around 4.10pm. He was charged under section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing public servant in discharge of his public function.

He is now getting medical treatment at a general hospital after his released. His neck was injured because of being kicked by police personnel during the arrest.

More outrageous behaviour from the people who are paid by the rakyat to serve and protect the rakyat! Instead, we are constantly treated to news of how they oppress, harass and exploit.



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