Monday, January 26, 2009

...Always Sunny In A Rich Man's World

Just a short follow up from my previous post about the RM7 billion economic stimulus package.

Got this from OutSyed the Box:


Then over lunch my consultant friends also tell me the latest ‘cap duit’ stories. Some connected people were bidding for a Government project – worth about RM50.0 to RM60.0 million. After working on it for some time, things went cold. Nothing happens for six months. Then suddenly after the Government announced the RM7.0 billion stimulus package, the ‘project promoter’ calls the consultant at home at 8 a.m. in the morning on a Friday. “Please prepare the drawings urgently, we have to submit them by Monday.”

So they work through the weekend and get the drawings ready. Then on Monday they also discover that the project has now become a ‘direct negotiation’ project and the price tag has gone up, it is now close to a RM100.0 million! Unbelievable.

I have yet to talk about ‘services’. The Government stimulus package also includes budgets for retraining. I have another friend who is also a consultant and conducts training courses. Recenly he was approached by a small time but ‘connected person’. The guy with a RM2.00 company had been awarded a retraining contract by the Government. The contract was to train unemployed graduates, laid off workers etc. Could my friend help out?

What does this mean? It means the RM2.00 company had been given the training contract without checking if the company can deliver the job or not. Anyway my friend designed a training module (entrepreneurship, project management, etc) and started teaching class. It was held in rented premises. The ‘promoter’ guy and his girl hung around playing Solitaire on the computer. After a couple of days they left early and told my friend to lock up the rented premises and hold on to the key!

If this is what the Government has in mind by stimulating the economy through retraining programs, its just not going to do the job.


Nuff said.

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