Saturday, January 31, 2009

Does UMNO Still Have The Moral Right To Represent The Malays?

This report by the Star is certainly one telling piece of news. That it slipped past the UMNO spinmeisters is also telling. Either they are losing their grip on power or they are completely incapable of thinking outside of their own completely corrupt state of mind.


Umno members protest MACC, disciplinary board actions


KUALA LUMPUR: A group of people turned up to protest against the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for arresting Umno members, and against the party’s disciplinary board.

Claiming to be Umno members, they turned up at about 8pm Thursday at the main entrance to Menara Datuk Onn, the building where party leaders were scheduled to hold a supreme council meeting.

They held up placards that read “The Disciplinary Board is senile,” “Don’t take away our rights” and “We reject the MACC, butt out!”

The group shouted out their demands at Umno leaders and supreme council members as they arrived at the building, and handed over a memorandum to party president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he arrived at about 8.35pm.

Zuraidi Abd Rahim, who said he was a delegate from Baling, claimed the group represented about 2,500 Umno Youth delegates nationwide.


The Disciplinary Board is senile?

We reject the MACC, butt out?

Don’t take away our rights?!

RIGHTS?! Vote buying and using positions of influence to rob the nation's resources are UMNO's RIGHTS?! And THESE people are supposed to be the champions of the Malays?!

The demonstrators claim to represent 2,500 Youth Delegates - which just about every UMNO division in Malaysia isn't it? And it's only logical to assume that the UMNO Youth would not DARE to initiate such action if they were not sure they had at least implicit permission from those higher up in the heirarchy - the UMNO Division chiefs.

So, is it safe to assume that just about every UMNO Division is headed by at least 2 corrupt leaders - the Youth Delegate and the Division Chief? If the top leaders of the grassroots bodies are corrupt, and they are NOT ashamed to flaunt their corruption as their "RIGHT", is their any hope for this party?

More pertinently, is there any more hope for the Malays who look to the party for genuine representation?

When the party's grassroots leaders are busy hollering to uphold their "RIGHTS" to be corrupt, where does that leave the young man selling Ramly Burgers part-time until 4a.m. to try and make ends meet? What about the pakciks trying to feed their families working as all-night jagas? Or the makciks who wake up before dawn to cook nasi lemak to make an honest living?

Does UMNO's demands that their "RIGHT" to illegally and immorally filter billions of public money into a few private pockets benefit these people in any way?

I fail to see how.

Thus, I call on ALL Malays to reclaim their dignity! REJECT once and for all such blatantly corrupt "representatives of the people". How can you stand to continue being represented by such reprehensible characters? Their filthy mindsets are surely the ultimate insult to Malay integrity and pride!

I cannot imagine that any Malay who is proud of his heritage continue to place their trust in the blatantly corrupt UMNO of today. Perhaps the old ties are strong. Many still remember the good that UMNO has done for the nation in the past. Yes indeed, all citizens of this nation must be forever grateful to the Tunku and his predecessors for negotiating a peaceful Merdeka for this country. And we should be also grateful for the other tokoh-tokoh UMNO whose service to this nation has built us up in the past.

But we are NOT living in the past. We cannot remain at the table, still eating last week's feast! The wonderful food served last week has already rotted into today's rubbish! We can have memories of the wonderful times, we can be grateful to the hosts and chefs. But all that was in the past. We cannot continue to partake of the rotten leftovers and pretend that it's still the glorious times of the past. What is on the table is not fit for the people anymore!

We must look at what's happening in the PRESENT with our EYES WIDE OPEN. And respond accordingly.

And this little crowd's demonstration has shown us what truly UMNO represents today - all manner of corruption, lust for power, avarice, arrogance, and such.

Of course, not everyone in UMNO is corrupt. But is the number of uncorrupted UMNO members today enough to turn the party around in time before the financial crisis destroys our economy? I believe even the most incensed UMNO loyalists who are reading this know the answer to this question. Alas, forgive me for speaking the truth so bluntly.

If the party is unable to reform itself, the only way is for it to be IMMEDIATELY rejected by the people and ejected from power. To allow it to die a slow painful death is NOT an option, as it will only drag the rest of the nation down with it. The whole world is facing a terrible economic crisis, yet the UMNO-led ruling party is yet to pull its head out of its ass and do anything constructive!

How can anyone still believe UMNO's grand claim to represent the genuine interests if the nation's 18 million Malays in this country? The Malays and the rest of the nation are going to suffer serious economic calamity within the next few months. The economic train-wreck is fast bearing down on the nation and they are still too self-obsessed with internal politicking and money-grabbing to drag the nation to safety!

Where is the concern for the Malays?

No, UMNO (and by extension BN) must be rejected and ejected from the nation's driver's seat NOW before they drive us over the edge of disaster. Let others who are willing to do something for the nation take over.

And UMNO must be kept out of government until all those who have corrupted the party are bankrupted, dead or incarcerated. Thus with the deadweight weeded out from the party, UMNO can be revived by the remnant who still hold fast to the true UMNO spirit.

I do not wish ill of UMNO, I only wish well of the nation. And at this moment, I truly cannot see how UMNO is fit to lead the nation.

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