Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MACC - Performing "Up" To Expectations!!

Haris Ibrahim has dropped a bombshell in the "envelope journalism" case in the recent KT bye-election. Just to recap, here's the skinny on the issue:

Several journalists who were in using the STATE Information Department’s Media Centre to cover the election were approached by a person who asked them to fill in a form. Each journalist was then given an envelope containing RM300. Several journalists returned the money and subsequently two journalists lodged reports with the KT police.

Couple of days later, the MACC declares that there will be no investigation on the issue with the reasons given as:
1) the reporters could not identify the giver.
2) most of the reporters did not vote so there was no motive for giving the money
The MACC also defended UMNO/BN and said that the opposition was lying.

Now here's Haris' bombshell:


Funny, cos I was right behind both Shaua Fui and Wei See as they lodged their reports and I could have sworn that they named the officer who handed over the cash-filled envelope to each of them.

Here’s Wei See’s report.


See the name Jagjit Singh in the report?


Now, the culprit has been identified. Obviously, he has a face to go with the name. How difficult is it to get this guy?


Besides, the Information Ministry's denials of involvement rings hollow as this guy MUST have had permission to be at the media centre as it is normally a restricted area. So he's an AUTHORISED PERSONNEL, and he's giving out money. WHY? Well, that's a question that the MACC is obviously not interested to find out.

What else do you need, MACC? A video? Maybe not since Lingam and gang are still free as birds! Signed confession? Well, Mr P.I. Bala's case shows us the effectiveness of that!

Of course, we've always known all along what the MACC's REAL job is - to DEFEND the corrupted, right?! And they'll outright LIE to everyone to do it.

Really now! Abdullah's much-vaunted new and improved weapon to battle corruption - modelled after Hong Kong's ICAC konon? What an insult to them!

You want to take a leaf from Hong Kong's much feared ICAC? Here's how they REALLY did it:

1) Set up a completely new anti-corruption body.
2) Let it be answerable only to the highest authority in the land (in HK then, it was the Governor. In Malaysia's case it should be the YDP Agong).
3) Bring in a completely NEW DG who has no ties to the current regime. Give him absolute autonomy to initiate investigations and prosecute in court.
4) Staff it with all brand new officers, to be commissioned after a stringent recruitment and training process.
5) Through all this, resist, resist, resist any attempts to interfere with or influence the body.

They did all this at the height of official corruption in Hong Kong. In fact, the ICAC was the RESPONSE to HK's runaway corruption. None of the BN's lame "improve image" or "correct the public's perception" nonsense! It was all about ACTION AND RESULTS!

That's why the Hong Kong law enforcement agencies, judiciary and civil service are among the most respected in the world.

MACC? Methinks that the acronym should be given a new meaning - Malaysian @$$holes in Collusion with the Corrupted!

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  1. I think no point having Macc? WTH!

    have u take a look at the young guy who was left dead in JB police custody? Its terrible. i cannot take it.