Friday, February 20, 2009

5 million, 3 bullets, 1 death threat and 0 action

Anwar tells how Umno-BN tried to entice defections in Kedah, slams police inaction

By SK English Team

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim shocked Parliament today by revealing that MP for Kulim Lim Soo Nee had offered himself as bait to help the Anti-Corruption Agency gain evidence against former Kedah Menteri Besar Mahadzir Khalid - who allegedly offered bribes to swing a defection.

This was just one of three clear cut instances where the Umno-Barisan Nasional had tried to lure Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen over to their camp in a bid to regain control of the state government, Anwar said.

As proof of his words, the reform icon offered CCTV videotapes showing Mahadzir meeting Soo Nee at a hotel in Seberang Jaya late last year.

“A BN agent representing Mahadzir Khalid persuaded Lim to defect from Pakatan to BN for RM4 million before raising it to RM5 million. Secret meetings were also planned between Lim and Mahadzir together with the deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak,” alleged Anwar.

Yet despite sufficient evidence, the police did not investigate further.

“What shocked me the most was Lim had reported the matter to the ACA and the agency had agreed to make Lim the bait for the next arranged meeting.

“Each and every meeting was monitored by the ACA and the highlight of the event was a meeting between Mahadzir and Lim at a hotel in Seberang Jaya at end of 2008.

“But there were no further actions by ACA after that. I was just informed the ACA agent who was in charge of the matter was later replaced with someone else,” said Anwar, adding that the CCTV tape was recorded with the assistance of the ACA.

Next - Wei Xu and Arumugam

The Opposition Leader also showed a photograph of three bullets sent to KeADILan Bakar Arang assemblymen Tan Wei Xu, who received the threat after he declined an offer to defect.

Again, despite Wei Xu lodging a police report, no action was taken.

“Tan told me that he was threatened many times to defect and he got frustrated with Mahadzir for his attempts,” said Anwar. “So he told Mahadzir to stop it. The week after, he received three bullets.”

Anwar then referred to V Arumugam, the Bukit Selambau assemblyman who was forced to quit his seat after intense harassment, including a threat that he could end up dead like the late Lunas assemblyman Joe Fernandez if he did not stop his political activities. Joe died after being shot three times in 2000.

Arumugam lodged three police reports, but the police turned a blind eye.

“If a police report has been made, go investigate. There was no investigation, not once was he called. This is a member of the state executive council but maybe this is because he is Indian. There is some perception that Indians are a lower class in Malaysia,” said a sardonic Anwar.

Anwar also slammed the police and the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission for bowing to pressure from top leaders in the Umno-BN and stopping investigations on Soo Nee’s CCTV, the Wei Xu and Arumugam reports.

Meanwhile, BN lawmakers objected to Anwar’s revelations.

MP for Batu Pahat Mohd Puad Zarkashi told Anwar to stop blaming BN for defections, arguing that the CCTV recordings proved nothing.

“Have you seen the CCTV or not? Do you know what actually happened?” asked Puad.

MP for Pasir Salak Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, said Anwar should stop accusing the police of not carrying out their duty because they were not in Parliament to defend themselves.



That's the way to do it! No more mister nice guy! THIS IS WAR FOR THE LIFE AND SOUL OF MALAYSIA! Let the donkeys have it and MORE of it!!

Get out the evidence and bury them in their own shit!

I suggest all PR people carry spy pens that have MP3 recorders with themeverywhere. You never know when it may come in handy.

You should all take lessons from Karpal Singh!

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