Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ala-MACC! You've Done It Again!

Lingam video case — NFA (No Further Action)

Our dear buffoon Abdullah said in Parliament that three out of four cases investigated in the Lingam tapes scandal has been marked “no further action” as there is no evidence to charge them. He did not identify any of the four individuals.


Ala....anyone expect anything different? Anyone?

No surprise isn't it? Reform konon...

OK la. I'm taking bets now. I'll bet you 46 cows and a Lexus. When the MACC "swings into action", will:

(insert name here) from PR be charged or (insert name here) from BN be charged?

Ah...what the heck. I'll even sweeten the pot by throwing in 20 million bucks and an all-expenses-paid lawatan-sambil-belajar Nile cruise to watch the belly dancers shake their booty.

Any takers?

1 comment:

  1. NFA is a new term to me. I 0nly know DNF-Did Not Finish. :)

    Guess they can gives us new ideas in life. What a lesson I learned today :p