Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysia's Very Own Gestapo

Got this from Malaysia Today. The evidence inplicating the police is strong. You don't need CSI to guess what happened to the Kulim 6, shot dead by the police.

I'm just reproducing a little bit of the article here. For the rest of it, please click here.


The Malaysian Police are Prosecutor, Judge and Executioner, all in one

1) What was the need to kill these people? They were not terrorists. They had no previous records. They were not murderers, surely not the mafia. They could have been easily arrested. In fact, where the first victim regularly stays is just a stone's throw from the Police Station. Why were they not apprehended? Or why were they not given a chance to come out with their hands up to surrender themselves for arrest – even in war this is done. Why were they not given this chance?

2) We understand there were a number of sharp shooters from around the country on hand for the job for the Police. This seem to indicate that this was a planned kill event.

3) Why was it that the shot wounds were all in the front side of the victims – not any location on the body, but systematically on the front side?

4) One victim was shot on the top of the head. How could that happen in a normal exchange of fire? That seems to suggest some crouching position and a shot into the head, from the top.

5) Why were the victims not shot at on their legs or where they will not be killed but disabled on being shot?

6) Why were the kin of one of the victims denied their right to inspect the body?

7) If it was a shootout between the Police and the victims, only two could have had the guns, as the police produced two guns; why were the shot wounds so systematic in the chest and the heads on all three of the victims? We do not know about the other two victims – but I suspect they will show similarities.


Absolutely outrageous is all I can say!

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