Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Perak Conspiracy - UPDATE!!

This is an excerpt from A Little Taffer's Room. You can read the complete entry at his blog.


Sultan Azlan Was Blackmailed By You-Know-Who

Sultan Azlan (as mentioned by certain palace insiders) that he has two choices.


If you have read the biography of Sultan Azlan - some of the facts are indeed true:

1. Some controversy arose when then Raja Azlan was chosen as Raja Muda given the fact that the mother is a commoner. This pattern also goes as Tuanku Bainun was formerly a commoner (a teacher) before . So therefore, Raja Nazrin is by lineage "a half-blood".

2. Dr. Mahathir solved the dispute of who shall take over the throne at that time as there were claims from descendants of Sultan Idris.

3. Remember that Sultan Azlan was born in Batu Gajah and grew up mostly there, not in the royal town.

This blood issue (as similar to the pure blood issue explored in the Harry Potter series) is exploited by BN. The risk faced is not on Sultan Azlan but on Raja Nazrin as he may or might not ascend to the throne after Sultan Azlan. That is the issue exploited by the gerombolan. There was a quote which was recalled during a meeting with the Sultan and Najib that says something like:
"Either you follow what I say or I swear on the Quran that Raja Nazrin will never be the next monarch."
This could explain why the Sultan had to do something the people would hate.
If he chooses Pakatan's call for dissolution, his son Nazrin, will be the sacrificial lamb, facing the humiliation of losing the throne altogether. It will then be said that Nazrin is not 'Keramat' pure royal blood. And don't forget that UMNO is already incensed with Nazrin whom they widely regard as a 'big mouth' for talking about justice and the rule of law.
A recent murder of a princess and sale of datukship titles could implicate the palacehold badly.

It's understood that most of these words had come from the palace grounds.


True or not? Seems very believable to me!


  1. If you want to talk about being half blodd, the current Agong is also a son of a commoner mother and the former Yamtuan Besar Negeri Sembilan also a son of a commoner mother, but they still a son of a Malay Ruler. Your points above cannot be substantiated.

  2. anon

    In what way does that disqualify Baginda Sultan Perak from being blackmailed? Or the rest of the rulers you mentioned?

  3. Well, I cannot how to disqualify the Sultan Perak from being blackmailed. It is not me to prove otherwise as I am not the one who started this chronicle of Sultan of Perak.