Monday, February 9, 2009

The Perak Conspiracy...Pt 8, Final

5 Feb 2009

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah announces that the BN had the majority and orders YB Nizar to resign.

The BN appoints the new Perak MB. The swearing-in ceremony of the new State govt is scheduled for the next day.

As someone who is well-versed in the law, Baginda Sultan Perak would have easily seen that the BN did NOT have the majority and the PR was still the legitimate government. Most Perakians expected Baginda to do the right thing because the beloved Sultan is a highly qualified man who always conducted himself with dignity and integrity.

But the Sultan had widely deviated from the normal parameters of his role in this matter.

What compelled Baginda Sultan to OBEY NAJIB'S ORDERS? There has been speculation that Najib blackmailed Baginda but we may never know for sure.

I'm sure YB Nizar was shocked by Baginda Sultan's decision to reject the legitimate advice of the legitimate MB. The further shock comes when Baginda Sultan declares the BN as the winner, even though they don't have the majority seats! In short, YB Nizar was thrown out of office by the Sultan who then installed an illegal govt!

YB Nizar's disagreement with the Sultan's decision is a valid legal contention. The Sultan is legally-bound to follow the MB's advice. But Baginda Sultan rejected the Perak MB's advice and followed the NOBODY FROM PERAK's (Najib) advice!

I would say that under the circumstances, YB Nizar acted exceptionally honourably. He was denied his rights as an MB when Baginda Sultan told him to wait for His Majesty's decision, yet he still had the grace to say that the final decision is with Baginda Sultan.

Compared to Najib who shamelessly and arrogantly degraded Baginda Sultan's dignity by manipulating Baginda to legitimising an illegal govt, YB Nizar is certainly NOT the traitorous Royal-basher.

As we can see, the clockwork precision with which events unfolded is too remarkable to believe that it was merely spontaneous crossovers.

The contentious issue of who would be appointed the next BN MB was already settled. Knowing UMNO to be so addicted to power, surely this plum post was not decided overnight! It was settled weeks or months before. And since MBs are Federal appointments within the UMNO patronage system, who had the political clout to appoint an MB?

Abdullah? No, he is obviously just playing the role of a couldn't-care-less caretaker until the real power comes in March.

So all fingers point to Najib. But that's not the shocking part.

What's shocking is:

1. His unbridled lust for power that drove him to disregard every law, manipulate every state apparatus, bribe, threaten, kidnap and perhaps even abuse people to his own ends.

2. While the country is at the brink of economic disaster, the Finance Minister was busy pulling off coups in state govts. First in Perak, now in other PR states.

3. He left the task of thinking what to do for the economy to his webmasters while he went of gallavanting on political adventures

4. He is more intent on showing off his political power and ruthlessness to UMNO delegates than in running the country

5. His complete disregard for all things sacred including the Sultans, the laws of the land, the constitution and just plain decency and morality.

6. And most disgusting and scary of all, he is set to be our nation's next PM

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