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Tsk Tsk, Anon, Anon...

So this guy is taking on the mantle to carry on the debate about the Perak debacle.

It's nice to see someone actually taking time to post an extensive opposing view. Well, my eyes are open enough to see what you see, but doesn't mean I have to agree!

He wrote a rather long post in the comments section, which I thought would not do justice to his effort, so I'm reposting it here. His writings are in bold. Mine are in italics - you can skip my original article if you want. But it helps to know the context of his replies cos he's doing it para-by-para.


My Reply: Thank you so much for giving me special attention in your blog. It was indeed a great honour for me, as a non-partisan Malaysian to be able to participate in this great blog. Anyway, allow me to reply to your writings.

1st, we Perakians KNOW FOR SURE that such a decision is extremely uncharacteristic of our beloved Sultan Azlan Shah, a peon of discipline and integrity.

That's the first blow to the BN's claims of legitimacy via Royal assent.

My reply: All Malaysians know for sure that Sultan of Perak, a highly learned former Lord President is a person of character, charisma and wisdom. Due to his discipline and integrity, I verily believe that he will not make any decision that would eventually back fire him. His former Lordship must have been cautious when he made such a decision and he knew verily that the decision to advise former MB to step down, knowing that he (ex MB) was and is no longer having the majority support in the Perak DUN. That was the reason why HRH called up all the three former PR lawmakers plus ex-UMNO ex-PKR now UMNO assemblyman to have an audience before him. Being a fair Sultan, he would not want his State of Perak to be governed by someone who is no longer command the confidence of the members State DUN.

2nd, Baginda Sultan overstepped his constitutional boundaries. Under the State Constitution, His Majesty is NOT allowed to fire the MB. But he did!

My reply: Since it was you who have said that the Sultan or Perak a peon of discipline and integrity, he must have taken all precautions and legal authorities to not to overstep the constitutions boundaries. One day you said the Sultan is a highly discipline and integrity and another day you said he had overstepped his constitutional boundaries. Which is which? Hopefully you can make up your mind.

This is unthinkable for a for a former Lord President who even wrote a book about the roles of a Constitutional Monarch. Consider why, until THIS DAY, Baginda Sultan has not insisted that his command for YB Nizar to resign be followed - there is just no legal ground. And if His Majesty were to challenge YB Nizar will only expose Baginda Sultan to more Constitutional scandal!

My reply: Why should he insist on the former MB to step down? His decision was indeed a final one. He wouldn’t want to be seen as a person of unsure of making the decision. He does not need to follow up on his FINAL decision. Why should he? I trust that it was due to his deep understanding of the book he authored.

3rd, why did Baginda Sultan allow a NOBODY FROM OUTSIDE PERAK i.e. Najib, dictate Perak politics to him? Najib was not an elected rep in Perak, he held no official post in the Perak govt. In fact, Najib had no stake at all in the Perak State govt.

My Reply: Najib was then and is at the material time the Liaison Chairman of Perak UMNO. So he has all the authority under the UMNO party to have an audience before the Sultan to brief him on the state of Perak’s politics. (Shouldn't the state Opposition leader do this? - EWO) Anyway, where did you get the story of Najib dictated him? Again, you are contradicting your very own words. Sultan, according to you, and I believe you, a man of discipline and integrity. He knows that he is not subject to anyone’s instruction, especially Najib.

Yet, inexplicably, Najib was allowed several audiences with Baginda and even given priority over the sitting MB of Perak. And Najib was given the verdict he wanted.

My Reply: Well anyone can have an audience on the Sultan as long as Tuanku is pleased to receive. I did not hear any story of Tuanku refusing Nizar. The verdict was made after the Sultan received audience by the 28 + 3 + 1 ADUNs.

4th, Baginda's son, HRH Raja Nazrin made a well-received speech declaring that the Rulers must remain neutral and above politics. Yet, the very next day, Baginda Sultan chose one political side and discarded the other.

My Reply: What made you infer the decision as political decision? I see it as executive decision. The fact remains that Perak PR has lost its majority and another party (BN) got the majority after the defection of the three ADUNs and the return of the UMNO man. Tuanku may have made the decision to ease the possible political constraint and well, the fact is, he chose the party with majority seats in the DUN. Don’t you ever realize that PR has lost its majority? Even a person of a quarter wit, will understand the former MB has lost the confidence of the Dewan (Then why not remove the govt via motion of no confidence in DUN by Perak Opposition? - EWO).

A neutral stance would be to break the deadlock by calling for an emergency State Assembly sitting so the normal political process can take place in disposing of a sitting government.

My Rely: Why should the Sultan sit down and do nothing and on the same time the position of the MB can be challenged? He couldn’t allow the state to be MBless.

As a former Lord President, it's IMPOSSIBLE that the Perak Sultan did not know all this!

My Reply: As former LP, it is IMPOSSIBLE that the Sultan did not know the consequences of his decision (Exactly. He knows his decision will cause a Constitutional crisis. So what made him do it? You're proving my points, Anon! - EWO). Remember, u said that he is a person of discipline and integrity. Surely he wouldn’t allow himself to succumb to pressures of trivialities.

There are just too many questions why Baginda Sultan made such an unpopular decision, going against the law and principles of fairness. Again, all Perakians know that Sultan Azlan Shah is NOT this kind of fickle character!

My Reply: Care to state which law has been broken by the Sultan? Any learned lawyer here?

There can only be one conclusion: somehow, Baginda Sultan was "convinced" to make a decision that was uncharacteristic, unconstitutional and unpopular. In a simple word - BLACKMAIL.

My Reply: 1) To ask an MB who has lost the confidence of the majority of Dewan is very much due to the Sultan’s appraisable characteristics. 2) Which part of the Perak Constitution being infringed? 3) It was unpopular to PR lah, but to the BN indeed very popular. You are siding PR too much lah.

Anyway, I'm sure that Baginda Sultan knows that Najib is perfectly capable of blackmail. Remember how Bala immediately gave a totally opposite SD the day after he gave his first? Why? Sudden attack of conscience?

What you expect people to believe - that Bala suddenly developed a new conscience after having fish curry with the cops? That during the night, he got a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past and he suddenly realised that all statements relating to Najib in his 1st SD was wrong? (Never mind that his 2nd SD had so many holes after the amendments that it just didn't make sense at all!)

I'll bet Bala got a visit from a "spirit" all right. But it wasn't the Christmas Spirit - but a demon! And I'll bet the same demon also visited Sultan Azlan Shah (twice in one day!) and managed to "convince" His Majesty of a few things that "coincidentally" was also what Najib would have wanted to happen, just like Bala was "convinced".

My Reply: Would you mind proving us that it was Najib who blackmailed Bala? Or is this another conspiracy theory of yours? Someone may have thought that Bala was blackmailed in the first place when he made the first SD. (If Bala was blackmailed into making the 1st SD, why didn't he declare so in his 2nd SD? Tuhan bagi otak, pakailah! - EWO) Who knows? People you are talking are merely PR people.

I challenge anyone with half a wit to openly declare that they believe it's just a total coincidence!

Also Najib learnt from the best - his mentor Mahathir Mohamad relentlessly destroyed the Rulers' credibility when he wanted to strip them of their immunity.

Well, at least some good came out from that episode as now the Rulers could be held accountable for any potential misdeeds. But the Perak case is different!

My Reply: Why is Perak so different? (I thought I explained exactly why already? Tak baca ke? ish ish ish... - EWO) To me, again based on your very own writings, the Sultan is a person of characteristic and integrity, he would not make such a bad decision without having a thought at first.

This case is using the Ruler to rubber-stamp an illegitimate power-grab! It's nothing more than Najib's demonstration of power to boost his team's chances in the UMNO General Assembly. Hey, who would dispute your power when you can even push the Sultans around?

Tok Guru called it by the right name - GANGSTER POLITICS. Just like gang leaders need to properly beat up or kill some people once in a while to maintain their image, so is Najib needs to demonstrate some political gangsterism to satisfy his bloodthirsty gang in UMNO!

My Reply: Why Tok Guru was so silent when a Perak UMNO man hopped to PKR side? Why Tok Guru did not say anything when Anwar Ibrahim talked about defection of more than 30 BN man into PR and to form a government by 16 September 2008? (I dunno. I don't know any politicians from PR. - EWO) Double standard eh?

Turf wars? Check - Perak, Selangor & Kedah!

Demonstrate power & ruthlessness? Check- how he abused govt agencies' powers and ignored all decency and laws to grab power in Perak, and now Selangor and Kedah.

My Reply: Which one?

Assassination? Check - YB Eli Wong, YB Khalid, YB Ronnie Liu & YB Hamidah's cases!

My Reply: Assassination? Who is dead? Anyway, sorry for pulling your leg. Well, since they have done something not so right and subject to investigation (Er...I don't know where you get your news, but Ronnie and Hamudah were proven to be victims of lies, Eli was caught sleeping, and Khalid was judged guilty by the MACC before even being charged. Fairness and justice to you? - EWO). Its politics bro, its politics. Go back to school and learn what is politics all about (I'm not a politician. I'm just someone who sees what is. - EWO). Anwar Ibrahim has been practicing political or character assassination long long time ago. (This post is not about Anwar. What's your obsession with him? And you claim to be non-partisan? cheh cheh cheh... - EWO)

The political show of muscle that happened in Perak, and is now happening in Selangor and Kedah, does not benefit the rakyat in any way. But it does benefit the BN to no end!

My Comments: Since it benefit the PR, eventually benefit the rakyat? Rakyat only benefit when PR gains ke? Other parties cannot do it, isn’t it? Come one, grow up man. (This post is not about PR! What's your obsession with them? Again, you claim to be non-partisan? keh keh keh... - EWO)

So if it looks like shit, smells like shit, feels like shit, and it's coming from a**holes, do you need to taste it too to know that it is really shit?

My Reply: Perhaps you have not washed your place for so long, there must be shit everywhere even in you mind! Care to go for a short trip of brain cleansing? (The procedure for a thorough cleansing of your "bottom place" is called colon hydrotherapy, something Najib or Saiful may fancy! - EWO)


Someone you called Anon


Anon, all your doubts about Baginda Sultan's legal standing will be answered here.

As to your contention that I'm contradicting myself - hahahah! Is your mind so chock-full of shiitake mushrooms that you can't comprehend what you read?

I thought made it clear - I believe Baginda Sultan acted contradictorily because he was BLACKMAILED!

Tsk tsk, Anon,'re gonna have to do better than this!

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