Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How To Tell The Difference Between "Legal" And "Moral"

UMNO/BN is on a big show to try and convince people that what they're doing in Perak is "legal" - from the UMNO/BN coup d'etat, to the open defiance of the Speaker's orders, to the attempts to obstruct the DUN sitting.

Laws are quoted left right and centre. Lawyers from both sides interpret the law in a way that suits their agenda. Nothing wrong with that - that's their job.

Judges decide on the cases. Nothing wrong with that - that's their job.

However, there seems to be a trend - all judgements seem to favour UMNO's agenda. Hmm...far from it that I, who failed my 'A' Levels Law paper should argue the finer points of the law to see if they erred in their judgement.

But I tend to think that I still possess something called "common sense" and a sense for right and wrong - normally called "moralilty". I believe most other people do too.

So no matter what the legal argument may be, people will be able to get a sense of right and wrong of the arguments or judgements.

An illustration:

Does the average 3-year-old girl know the laws regarding sexual relations? No.

Does the same 3-year-old girl know something's wrong when she's being raped? HELL YEAH!!

So to all those UMNO/BN goons trying to justify the UMNO/BN rape of the nation: don't try to intimidate people into accepting any legal interpretations ala UMNO/BN. Sorry la beb, rakyat not stupid like you. Just cos you swallow your own bullshit doesn't mean others do too.

So, why don't you dispense with all the legal charades in Perak. Yeah, the average rakyat like me may not be knowledgeable about the legal issues. Your Ketuanan UMNO blogs may ridicule people like me as ignorant and talking through my ass.

But no matter what your lawyers, judges, cops, EC, Speaker, MACC, GLC, etc etc etc say...WE KNOW!

Najib, if you got the balls, just do it like a REAL MAN like Mugabe would.

Send in the army - why settle for having just the cops!

Just declare Emergency, why waste time and money getting injunctions?

Just kill the PR bastards, why drag them through the courts?

Declare junta rule - why have an Opposition?

Spare us this charade, please! Either let democracy or let despotism fully reign. Have the guts to decide which it should be!!

It's just so sickening to see a Fascist state pretending to be a democracy!


  1. Excellent and Brilliant piece.

    "Fascist state pretending to be a democracy"

  2. This is the problem. People who's are to be apolitical are taking side. Not that they are stupid, but greed. The BN has successfully nourished these over the years ... "We'll bring development which mean $$$." Walla, all these people had sold their soul to the devil.

  3. unfortunately for you, najib's game is to frustrate people exactly like you.

    if you are rasputin, why finish all your powers to curse 1 person? there r many more to curse by his current standards.. you have much to learn & so do malaysia.

  4. a thought...

    these people can't even over-throw government without screwing-up. How can they run a country and not without messing-up big time?

  5. dei, i bet your child also know how to make a better decision than BN!!! pity them!

  6. Anon 11:15

    I'm not frustrated. I'm FURIOUS that my country is being raped my the powers that be! And I'm focusing that anger against the leader of the corrupt corps - Najib.

    UMNO/BN takes its cues from the top. And the top ensures obedience through naked displays of power and corruption.

    Cut off the head and the rest will be running around like headless chickens - just see what happened with Pak Lah at the helm post-GE12.

    My belief is that Malaysian CITIZENS must learn to be pro-active to make democracy work. The days of "leaving it all to the govt" are over.

    Bring down the corrupt head, install a new head and civil society must keep that new head in check.

    THAT's my point. And you would have understood it had you been a careful reader of my posts.

  7. Anon 11:29

    you are referring to the BN or PR?

    So far the BN is the only one who has a track record of overthrowing governments - abusing all the govt agencies, law enforcement, courts and state bodies.

    So I gather that you are referring to the BN when you ask "How can they run a country and not without messing-up big time?"

    If so, i support your statement 110%!

  8. BeeNd argues that election will cost financial burden to the states and Rakyat. I think with all these forthcoming court cases plus the so-called QC, the expenditure and time consumption will be even larger.
    Come on ! Give the mandate back to the Rakyat will solve all problems at much quicker pace!

  9. "BeeNd argues that election will cost financial burden to the states and Rakyat."

    Actually that's a fact! So much moneyhave give out to repair roads, bridges, street lights etc.

    Also have to pay their election mercenaries (oops, i mean machinery).

    Let's not forget they got so many ppl to bribe after that. Already spent untold millions to get the 3 frogs, now got to start the process all over again? Some more very likely PR gonna get 2/3 majority this time - heck that's 20++ ppl to buy man!

    assuming 20 mil each - that's 400 mil!

    All in, got to spend maybe RM100 mil for campaign goodies, RM200mil campaign costs and RM400 mil for frogs!

    walau eh!