Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perak Sultan Blackmailed By Najib - Confirmed?

Couple of weeks ago, I featured an excerpt of an article written by A Little Taffer's Room. Just to refresh your memory, I post the gist of it here.


Sultan Azlan Was Blackmailed By You-Know-Who

Sultan Azlan (as mentioned by certain palace insiders) that he has two choices.


If he chooses Pakatan's call for dissolution, his son Nazrin, will be the sacrificial lamb, facing the humiliation of losing the throne altogether. It will then be said that Nazrin is not 'Keramat' pure royal blood. And don't forget that UMNO is already incensed with Nazrin whom they widely regard as a 'big mouth' for talking about justice and the rule of law.

A recent murder of a princess and sale of datukship titles could implicate the palace badly.

It's understood that most of these words had come from the palace grounds.


Yesterday (March 6), Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was featured in an interview with the Business Times Singapore. The headline was "Razaleigh Calls For Fresh Polls In Perak". This is not groundbreaking news, and I wouldn't have bothered to read. But out of respect and admiration for Ku Li, I wanted to see what he said.

Lo and behold! Buried in the copy, somewhere near the end of the article, was this nugget - which to me seems highly revealing! I quote:

‘This is not good and I fear for the future,’ continued Tengku Razaleigh. I have no claim for the throne anywhere so I can be frank but I would like to see the monarchy strong. It’s unfortunate that it happened the way it did in Perak. But still it depends on what he (the Sultan) will do next.’ For Tengku Razaleigh, the solution is simple. ‘The rakyat (people) of Perak are his subjects,’ he said, referring to Perak’s monarch. ‘So in the end, he has to side with his people.’

Why would Ku Li bring up the point that he can say anything he likes because he has no claim to any throne? If we approach his statement from the other side, it would also mean that if he had some claim to a throne, he'd better watch what he says! Hmm...

Would Ku Li's statement imply that some royalties' claims to the throne are threatened and therefore they are not free to say what they feel is right? And since he's talking about the Perak issue, is Ku Li indirectly revealing what he thinks happened in Perak?


Also, who is it that is so powerful they can control Malaysian royalty by threatening their claims to the throne - in other words: BLACKMAIL THE ROYALTY? Is that also why Ku Li said "I would like to see the monarchy strong" - because Malaysian royalty can be manipulated by those powerful parties?

So many questions, but all pointing towards one direction...Can anyone guess which way?

I reward the correct answer with a free tour to visit the "Pokok Demokrasi Perak"!

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