Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pt 2: Keagungan Melayu - Reclaiming the keris from the UMNOputras

2. The keris is a product of noble character

What sets the keris apart from other weapons in history is the artistry that goes into its creation. The details found on the blade exist in no other sword in the world. Ordinary iron and wood is transformed into an ornate item that is rich with meaning and significance.

The keris is a creation of patience, love and reverence. Patience in crafting the elaborate details into the keris. Love for Malay strength, artistry and culture. Reverence towards the keris as a powerful expression of the Malay mastery of both martial arts and fine arts.

You cannot mass-produce a keris – that would demean its significance and power. Each keris has to be handcrafted and its value is derived from the personal power of its creator or its bearer. So the power of the keris is not found in the created object, but in the culture and person who created it!

For UMNO to hoist it up and threaten death to all peaceful non-Malay citizens demeans the status of the keris. Just because UMNO has a beef with some racist idiots does not make it right to threaten violence to the entire non-Malay population! UMNO's endorsement of Hishamuddin's (and 20 years ago, Najib's) threats to kill non-Malay fellow citizens has stripped the keris of its dignity and made it a symbol of bigotry and genocide!!

Thus, UMNO's Ketuanan Melayu has reduced the keris to become the symbol of bigotry and hate.

But above that, Keagungan Melayu sees the keris as the refined expression of the Malay's noble characteristics - discipline, reverence and mastery over themselves and the world around them.

to be continued...

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