Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I Am Against UMNO/BN

When I speak out against the excesses of the UMNO/BN government, I get a backlash of resentment. Sure, these fellas don't dare to post their comments here for whatever reason. But when I comment on other sites, I am often senselessly attacked. This is really sad as these fellas are so full of hate, that everything is perceived as a contest of who hates them and who they hate. They cannot perceive anything else - that is their entire reality.

Such sad little human beings...

What they don't realise is that i'm not like them at all. I don't speak from hate - be it against political parties, political personalities, political ideologies or races. I am NOT against any of these. I have no time for bigotry. That's why you always see me quickly and viciously dispatch of those bigots who dare to leave their bigoted poop-inions on my comment section.

Because I have learnt enough about life on this earth that there is the only constant is change. Today, this personality will be popular but tomorrow be disgraced. Today, this political party will be pro-rakyat but tomorrow be self-absorbed power-mongers. Today this ideology is sound but tomorrow it becomes irrelevant.

And then, there's the most stupid excuse for bigotry - race. Nobody chooses how they are born. How then, can people judge others based on their ancestry?

If we are going to be bigoted against those who are different from us, shouldn't human beings be the least logical choice? I mean, among all the billions of life forms existing on this earth, human beings (of any colour) are the most similar life-forms, aren't we?

If discrimination is justified by how different others are from us, why not discriminate against a cat? Or a dog? Or horse or cow? They're REALLY different from us, arent they? Completely different species in fact!

How about we discriminate against spinach or apples? They're a completely different life-form from humans altogether!

What about bacteria? My God, this one takes the cake!

We are friendly with the lactobaccillus strain of bacteria (the "good" bacteria found in Vitagen). Many people take it regularly because we see the benefits of having "friendly" bacteria in our bodies. But we cannot tahan the human being on our left and right simply because they are not of the same colour?

Dumb, dumb, dumb...

No...when I write against UMNO, I do not speak from hate (although I am often painted as anti-Malay). I have nothing against the Malays. I think theirs is a beautiful culture - a venerable mix of the fierce warrior spirit tempered with grace and artisanship.

When I speak against UMNO/BN, it's simply because I'm angry!

I am angry that bigots, incompetent fools, corrupt thieves, power-hungry crooks, cowards, morally bankrupt and many other such political low-lifes are given top positions in government in the country I love.

Worse, they not only infest our State Assemblies and Parliament, they have crept into the top echelons of government agencies, security forces, judiciary, GLCs, etc etc etc.

The Perak fiasco is a fine demonstration of this infection. We are all witnesses that the entire officialdom - civil servants, police, EC, judiciary, town council, State Assembly staff and even the Sultan can be manipulated to do the will of a few people. But this is just a microcosm of the almost absolute corruption of our beloved country.

I believe with all my heart that the current UMNO/BN government must be brought down as soon as possible if they still refuse to repent. Do I mean reform? No, I mean REPENT. As in turn from their evil ways and return to the ways of righteousness.

Reform means that some element of righteousness stil prevails in the organisation and that those elements have enough influence to bring about change. I don't believe that is the case in UMNO/BN.

One year from March '08, has UMNO/BN reformed anything? HA!

Repent is the right word - because it would mean that the entire organisation has to acknowledge their sins and make an effort to take collective responsibility for it. The UMNO/BN organisation is so corrupt, that the positive elements can no longer hold out against the culture of corruption. The entire organisation must be brought down to their knees and stripped of all the trappings that bolster their arrogance and corruption.

Then left with nothing, that will be the opportunity for some serious soul-searching which will hopefully lead to repentance. Then (again, hopefully) we will see the rebirth of a viable UMNO/BN again. One that is worthy to govern this country again.

Until that day comes, I am committed to bringing down the corrupt regime that refuses to release this country from their death grip, even as they sink deeper into the depths corruption.

What's the whole point of this rambling? Well, I'd just read Ku Li's entry on Chow Kit. And it brought to my mind all the OTHER reasons why I think the UMNO/BN should be sent packing, besides the obvious political reasons.

In my next post, I will highlight a little more why UMNO/BN must not be allowed to misrule our country anymore, until they can bring about meaningful change within themselves.


  1. Tuan/Puan,

    Adakah UMNO ini bersih?

    Apa pandangan Tuan/Puan?

  2. Soal bersih atau tak bersih, saya tidak pasti sejauh mana mereka.

    Yang paling penting, soalnya mampu buat kerja dengan amanah ke tidak.

    Misalannya, ada ramai pemimpin terkemuka dunia yang menyumbang jasa kepada negara mereka, tetapi mereka juga ada kelemahan mereka. Yang pasti, mereka tidak biar kelemahan mereka menjejaskan kebolehan mereka memimpin dan menyumbang. Itulah ideal yang saya harapkan.

    Saya pun tak naif sangat mengharapkan parti dan ahli politik yang suci sangat. Kita semua manusia - ada kelemahan sendiri. Mana ada wujudnya kesempurnaan sebegitu di dunia ini?

    Pada saya, sesiapa yang beria-ia sangat menghebohkan kebersihan dan kesucian diri memang confirm hatinya busuk dan angkuh!

    Inilah orang tak larat memimpin dan tak patut diberi peluang untuk memimpin