Friday, April 3, 2009

Is it just me?

Just watched one of the greatest Malaysian tragedies on TV - Najib's coronation..OOPS! I mean "installation".

Just a quick question - is it just me, or was the YDP Agong just a tad underdressed for the occassion?

His Majesty was dressed in just a simple yellow baju Melayu with no adornments at all, and Her Highness the Raja Permaisuri was dressed in just a normal-looking floral baju kurung.

No crowns, no medals, no sashes, no accessories, not even fancy buttons for His Majesty's baju Melayu. Absolutely no bling-bling at all!

This is supposed to be a momentous occassion, isn't it? Even when officiating regular events like opening Parliament sessions, His Majesty is in full dress! This is the crowning...OOOPS! "Installation" of new PM of the country woh...Takkan don't give face and be dressed to impress, kan?

Wonder if His Majesty was making the only statement he is allowed to make - with his choice of clothes...

If so, I pity the oppression they live with under UMNO.


  1. Wow... Sudah habis modal kah? Wakakaka

    Paranoid habis. Choice of dress now deemed by u as a snub to najib.

    Tell me, why r u usurping his majesty's actions through ur writings?

    Even when pak lah swore in 5 yrs ago, the agong wore the same attire like today.

    Creating something out of nothing is what u guys are good at these days? Itu pun nak jadikan satu posting?

    Sheeeesshhh! :)

  2. ah?

    Wondering why His Majesty is wearing a plain ol' baju Melayu to the most important event in the country also considered usurping His Majesty ka?

    I think yang takdak modal that one is u la. Shit stirring and accusing people of derhaka out of nothing!

    Anyway, I titled it "is it just me?" because that's exactly what I was wondering. If you had said "Yes, it's just you" and given proper reasons, I would have some respect for you la.

    But since you chose to be an shit-spewing idiot, I shall deem your comment as a


    now run along and join your UMNO samseng kampung, little jaguh...