Friday, April 3, 2009

Is it just me...again?

Was watching a "documentary" singing the praises of Najib just now.

Wanted to laugh and vomit at the same time.

Among the platitudes heaped upon this internationally-discredited person:

"his leadership skill is at par or surpassing that of his father!"

"he is a perfect gentleman...he has never ever spoken a word against his predecessor despite all things!"

"he is a well-loved politician who is very close to the rakyat"

"in the March 08 tsunami, Najib held strong the fort in Pekan" (this is after the programme unequivocally attributed the disastrous Mar08 election results solely to Badawi)

Or some such shit. Can't remember the exact words...too focused on trying to keep my dinner down.

But the real clincher was I saw Najib's mother being interviewed. As could be expected, she was praising him no end. But I thought she looked a little unnatural. She wasn't looking at the camera or the interviewer, but was looking downwards and seemed to be handling something. Then the camera cut to pictures of TAR and family.

As she went on talking i thought it became really odd as it didn't sound like natural speech cos there was no emotion at all. And there were no family anecdotes at all, just out and out praise, praise, praise (Najib was attaining almost demi-god status already!) Then I heard something like paper rustling.


WTF??!! That one also got to have script ah? Wah...this guy got to control what his mother say also ha? Why? Scared she got nothing good to say isit?!

The only other leaders I can think of who have that kind of obsession about controlling the people around him are those paranoid megalomaniacs like Chairman Mao, Great Leader Kim and Das Fuhrer. The more paranoid they got, the worst the rakyat got it from them.

And if Najib is so paranoid until he has to script his mothers words about him, well...

All I got to say is: Hold on to your butts, Malaysia, it's gonna be a helluva ride!!


  1. The holographic worlds in which we enact & live our dramas are many-layered like the onion. Those specially bred to lead the various tribes can be described as vehicles or vessels through which ancestral values renew themselves. Occasionally, a tribal leader like Abraham & Moses or Arthur Pendragonor Muhammad is born whose personal destiny becomes intertwined with all humanity. Other times, creepy entities like Dick Cheney, George Bush or Najib Razak appear on the scene with a secret agenda - to accelerate the political & spiritual development of the populations who have to suffer their dark agendas. Outwardly, these accursed leaders are put in power by the faceless, nameless astral parasites that inhabit the physical bodies of corrupt ancient bloodlines descended from "the fallen angel" buccaneer families, to protect their vested interests & safeguard their ill-gotten gains. It's all science fiction now, folks. Best to get the hang of it!

  2. science fiction? don't you mean horror fantasy?

  3. When everything is manipulated, it must be tiring for all the play writers, actors alike. We the citizen have to sit to watch this boring show that is old and repetitive.

    Will it still work with so many awaken souls. like the first act to free ISA when you know it is all another script for the bye elections.

    Then you have the One Malaysia slogan, empty words.

    Ridiculous at best and disgusting at worst.

  4. I prison people and then I free them;
    I stop freedom of press and then allows;

    Aren't I great... I am a change man...

    Sure, pigs climb on trees and my arse doesn't fatts.

    The whole government is sick especially at his head. All punt intended.

    After years of intimidation, years of propaganda, many Malaysians has to be rehabilitated with such fractured, exclusive, punitive, retarded, delusional mindless mind.

  5. Najib and gang employ public relation specialist to do all these publicity stunts for them. But whatever stunts put up will not last long, ultimately his true colours will destroy him.

  6. Release 13 from ISA?


    In a country when police can rearrest the people on the steps of the court that acquitted a country where you are thrown in jail for your own a country where the messenger gets jailed while the perpetrator is worshipped as a hero...where's the meaning in that act?

  7. Eyes Wide Open,

    "And if Najib is so paranoid until he has to script his mothers words about him, well..." Unquote.

    Sounds like "Fat Mama" is the "Paranoid" one!

    Looks like All of them are "Squeezing Each Other's Orbs/Jugular".

    Let us see if "Fat Mama" or the "Senior Advisor Mentor" (with his 2 sons) will be the "Boss!"

  8. flyer 168

    najib may not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he's plenty dangerous in his own right.

    i'm just wondering what he's got up his sleeve after april 7