Wednesday, April 8, 2009

People of Perak - VINDICATED!!

First off, hearty congratulations to the legitimate MB of Perak, YB Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaludin!

Get used to this scene, UMNO/BN! Here's one more formidable brain to counter your slobbering mobs in Parliament!

Whether UMNO/BN likes to admit it or not, the Bukit Gantang bye-election is the rakyat's response to Najib's coup d'etat.

Just the other day, I met a Malay lady. She was a professional financial planner and obviously very hardworking. Her hometown was in Bidor and when she found out I was from Ipoh, she was not long in asking what I thought of the situation in Perak. We both had the same conclusion - it was completely out-of-character for His Highness the Sultan of Perak, being an educated gentleman, to forcibly hand over the State govt to UMNO/BN.

It's obvious that those who dare to speak their opinion about the Perak injustice are furious. And those who still try to justify the rightness of the power grab only do so quietly around like-minded idiots. They won't dare spew their nonsense in public. Unlike that Malay lady who was not afraid to make her opinions known.

So this victory in Bukit Gantang is a great relief for the people of Perak. I expect Perakians around the country will walk with a lighter step today. (Don't believe me? If you see someone who's like that, go ahead and double check to see if they're from Perak!)

The victory in Bukit Gantang is sweet for so many reasons:

1) The respected MB Nizar has been vindicated that he is still tops for the people

2) He now has a chance to play an even bigger role in national politics, with many people saying that he is possible PM material

3) It's the people's slap in the face for UMNO/BN for their treacherous coup d'etat

4) It's also the people's chance to give the finger to the pure ego wrapped in skin - TDM

5) Finally, it's a big "SHUT THE F**K UP" to all the non-Perakian idiots trying to convince Perakians that the power-grab and manipulation of the Sultan was normal and justified.

Well done. people of Bukit Gantang! Keep spreading the word to your neighbours and friends. Let them see the truth about UMNO/BN and let's get rid of the vermin once and for all next time!!

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