Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pt 1: 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now

Lest I, a mere blogger, be accused by dear Datuk Rais of spreading lies and formenting discord, I have decided to start a series highlighting Najib's "1Malaysia" concept.

(Please, Dato Rais, I'm really trying my best to bring out the true meaning of Najib's "1Malaysia". Don't sic your laws on me!!!)

So in this series, I will be picking out news items from the MSM that shows Najib's "1Malaysia" concept for what it is. I'm picking it from the MSM so that Datuk Rais can be assured that it is from "proper" sources and not from the whirlpool of scandalous speculations that make up the "alternative media"!

Disclaimer: Eyes Wide Open takes no responsibility for these news reports as
Eyes Wide Open is not employed in the least way in these organisations. Eyes Wide Open merely presents unaltered MSM reports on what Eyes Wide Open thinks constitutes the "1Malaysia" concept. Since so far, no concrete explanation has been forthcoming, I shall just have to depend on the news around Malaysia to try and guess it's meaning. If in any way, anyone draws an understanding of "1Malaysia" that differs from Najib's interpretation, it's up to Najib to explain. It's his concept.

So, let the Eyes Wide Open "1Malaysia" campaign begin!


Sacked Perak village chiefs demand apology from MB

(NST) - All 817 elected village chiefs in Perak who were sacked without notice want apology from Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir and demand that they are reinstated within 48 hrs.

The group also plans to take the state government to court for breach of contract.

They claimed the government had stopped paying them allowance since February


Aaahhhh, sooooo...

Suddenly firing hundreds of govt employees who are not "your" people fosters the spirit of "1Malaysia, PEOPLE first, Performance now"!

I guess SOMEONE had to be FIRST to go, why not "those" 800 people, eh?!


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  1. I will follow your series you bet....Zam is gonna be in a jam