Friday, April 17, 2009

Stay strong, Eli! Forget the fools!

I am so glad that one of the most hardworking YBs of modern times has decided to stay on and serve the constituents who elected her. The way she has been mauled by the rabid BN dogs is truly shameful. And for something that is not even her fault. All this time we are forced to endure the screeching of the blatantly corrupt Khir Toyo calling for Eli's resignation and questioning her morals.

How come we don't hear the fella calling for the arrest of the Hilmi culprit? How come Eli is accused of adultery (a charge which i think has NOT been substantiated by ANYONE, least of all Hilmi's wife) while Hilmi is ignored? Why is Hilmi's wife made out to be the ultimate victim of this whole charade, but Eli's malicious sexual violation is being carried out in full view of the public without a care?

Yes, it's sexual vioaltion. How else would you term it? Taken at its core, the case is about a man who took advantage of a woman sexually without her consent while she was unconscious - sexual violation! Bring it to any lawyer and see what he says!

And the way the mainstream media is ganging up against Eli perpetuates the sexual violation of Eli. By labelling the pictures as “compromising”, “controversial”, “intimate”, “revealing” and such nonsense, while it is none of the above.

I actually saw the photos posted on some of those malicious UMNO blogs and there is absolutely nothing sexy about it.

Eli was not posing at all, neither was she wearing anything attractive. She was wearing a plain old sarong (the makcik-type) and a T-shirt, and she was obviously deep asleep. The picture hardly revealed anything as it was a poor-quality image obviously taken in a hurry with a handphone. If at all, the photos reveals a malicious perversion of the worst type - taking an upskirt picture of an incognito woman - it’s nothing short of sexual violation, that’s what it is!!

Only the worst perverts could deem such peeping-tom photos “intimate” or “compromising”. Khir Toyo and the rest of his UMNO gang must be the biggest perverts of all for feeling that these photos were sexually stimulating enough to be "intimate" and "controversial".

Me, afterseeing the pictures, I merely got the overwhelming feeling of disgust at the kind of person who would do such a thing. And more so at the people who would dare to taint a committed and capable wakil rakyat, while they rape and plunder the land in full view.

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