Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pt 7: 1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now

3 Arrests for sending Altantuya’s birthday cake to Najib! (update)


UPDATE: The 30 odd people who went to PM Najib Tun Razak’s office to send a cake to remind him of Altantuya Shariibuu’s birthday is now waiting for the police to charge the 3 arrested this morning in Putrajaya. According to Blogger Black, the decision will be made at 2pm today.

The group comprise of activists, all of whom are from the Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia. Bravo to you, guys!

Earlier, the Putrajaya OCPD Razak himself ‘turun padang” to arrest these people. Wow! Such an expensive arrest!

Anyway, the joke is: the cake, which weighs 5kig was “squashed” by the police for SECURITY REASONS!

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Ok, now cakes are dangerous things for 1Malaysia, if you haven't noticed! You should never send cakes to politicians as it would be akin to sending letter bombs or anthrax. Thanks to the swift and decisive action by Putrajaya's best, the dangerous cake was intercepted BEFORE it reached the hands of the politician involved. Who knows what horrible harm would have befallen our Dear Leader if he had actually set eyes on the offending confectionery.

Now that Malaysia has reached this level of anti-govt terrorism, 1Malaysia would now have to seriously consider the issue of shoes.

There have been a cases in the world where shoes were actually hurled at political leaders while they were were speaking and have almost caused untold bodily harm to the person aimed for. One of them even had chance to fire at Dubya twice before running out of ammunition!

This is a serious threat to our politicians' security!!

Just imagine - the majority of Malaysians are armed with two shoes wherever they go. God knows how many of these people are secret anti-govt fanatics, waiting for just the right opportunity to deploy their weapons during the most unsuspected moment?

I strongly suggest that there be a 50-metre cordon around politicians wherever they go to protect them from such dangerous missiles. Also, the government should enforce a "no-shoes for the commoners in Putrajaya" law. Government should also ban steel-tipped shoes, stillettoes, clogs and other footwear that could potentially be converted into dangerous missiles.

Remember, in 1Malaysia it's People First. And the first among the people are our angelic BN politicians. They need to be protected at all costs. Otherwise, there will be no 1Malaysia!

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  1. Don't forget the socks! Shoe missiles are 20 times more lethal when socks that have been worn for a week without washing are tucked snugly inside the shoes before they are launched. Believe me, shoes plus smelly socks can cause far more damage to one's public image than pepper spray or teargas!
    Remember, always pack a pair of sandals for use AFTER the attack - it can be difficult to run barefoot on hot pavements.