Friday, August 21, 2009

The final, final nail in Rohaizat’s campaign

I guess this is it.

Rohaizat’s former partner, Yusri, has come out to deny all charges that he framed Rohaizat in the CBT case that got Rohaizat disbarred. (For a detailed report and a blow-by-blow account of what happened from Yusri’s mouth himself, visit The People’s Parliament.)

So the fall guy ain’t gonna take the fall. The Bar Council “bad guys” can prove by law they disbarred him legally. The High Court confirms that he was rightfully disbarred.

So basically, it’s pretty much proven that he kebas the money la. Doesn’t matter that he returned it later…he kebas-ed it – fullstop.

The only defenses UMNO still have are that Rohaizat is a good son and husband because his family followed him to the nomination centre, and…and…and…

Oh ya...the ladies go weak at the knees when they see him.

Well, I guess it’s curtains then.

Unless UMNO wants to embarass themselves further by trying even harder to defend the indefensible…

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