Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To Keep An Unpopular Regime In Power 101

Apparently Malaysia is offering to help Myanmar get development funds. According to Malaysian Foreign Minister, Anifah Aman, the international community in general should pour funds into Burma to develop infrastructure and lift Burmese people out of poverty.

Well, that sounds good right? Humanitarian aid AND social empowerment at the same time. What's not to like? But then, the dungu goes and spoils the magic by revealing his reasons for saying so.

“Since the [Burmese] people are so poor right now, the generals would be kicked out if they called for an election,” he said, adding that Malaysia might raise the idea of development funding during 15th Asean Summit.

“So why don’t we put in some development funds, and bring the people out of poverty?” he said. “Then the voters can see that under the military’s rule, things did improve and they [might] even vote for the junta.”


That's the sound of my eyes popping out of their sockets!


So what Anifah is effectively saying is:

Hey, it doesn't matter if you jail, beat up, harass, intimidate and even assassinate your regime's dissenters. You can continue to do that and everyone will turn a blind eye if you put a few bucks in their pocket! They'll be so giddy with their new found crumbs, you won't have to fight your citizens to stay in power - they'll gladly vote for you!

In fact, Anifah acknowledges the illegitimacy of the Myanmar government when he said that they do not have enough popular support to remain in power in a genuine democracy.

But hey, no legitimacy - no problem what. Malaysia also same same ma...when PM first came into power, approval rating only about 40%. GE12 only got less than 50% of Peninsular vote but the BN still in power! Lost 90% of KL seats but still the one running the city!

To the UMNOputras, legitimacy is derived from power, power is derived from control, control is exerted with violence. And if violence doesn't work, there's always money!

Yes, true to the UMNOputra spirit, everything can be solved with MONEY!

To hell with human rights, to hell with justice, to hell with freedom, to hell with democracy.

Just pay money to buy legitimacy from the rakyat la! Simple what!

And this, my dear friends, is the Malaysian way. Our Malaysian Foreign Minister admits as much, because he goes on to say:

The Malaysian foreign minister said that his development fund idea could ease the junta’s fears of losing power once the country becomes fully democratic.

He even positions Malaysia as Myanmar's potential mentor:

Based on the Malaysian model of “Barisan Nasional,” Anifah added that it would help the people and give the junta an incentive “if they are confident of winning.”


Did our Foreign Minister just put our Malaysian govt on par with an oppressive military regime, and offer to mentor them how to stay in power by throwing money at the rakyat?

Aiyoo...I think we should tweak Najib's 1Malaysia a bit to make it more relevant.

We can call it - "Malaysia Ini Pun Satu"

Read the rest of the story how Anifah is destroying the country's image and embarassing us citizens in this embarassing article here.

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  1. Insufferable idiot, that Anifah Aman, just like the rest of his colleagues in Umno/BN (with the possible exception of Tengku Razaleigh who's wasting his time staying in the party).