Thursday, August 27, 2009

MCA Smackdown!!

A brief chronology of UMNO-MCA breakup:

In GE12, BN suffers heavy defeats in Peninsular Malaysian votes.

Gerakan & MCA realise that they lost because of UMNO's arrogance

They try to speak up for some issues but are ignored

The MCA is left adrift until the party elections. OTK (Team A) is elected MCA President, CSL (TEAM B) is elected MCA Dep Prez.

OTK, as the MCA President, is traditionally appointed Transport Minister

PKFZ scandal explodes in OTK's face. OTK faces a choice - do the right thing and face the wrath of his bosses, or cover it up and kill off support for MCA faster. OTK promises to do the right thing. The voting public watches and waits.

Najib appoints CSL as BN Liaison tasked with figuring out how to win back Pakatan-held states. Presidents of UMNO's largest partners, MCA & MIC, have no say in this appointment and no role in this significant task. This hints that UMNO is showing their political preferences and signifies that they wish to have direct control over their partner's party.

OTK is true to his word and revelations of gross financial impropriety begin to surface. The PAC takes a lackadaisical attitude towards the biggest billion-ringgit scandal in the country's history. The PWC audit report is blocked from being released for months.

CSL is called up to the MCA disciplinary board regarding his sex DVD. This is seen as OTK's check on CSL's prominence among UMNO puppetmasters.

Instead of being afraid or repentant, the PKFZ culprits begin a mudslinging fight with allegations against OTK of their own.

OTK is left to defend himself as UMNO steps back and leaves OTK to the wolves. This is a hatchet job if ever I've seen one.

OTK lashes out at a press conference, saying that powerful "outside parties" have infiltrated MCA and were trying to topple him by hook or by crook.

Syed Akbar Ali, prominent UMNO blogger, openly reveals a strategy of UMNO abandoning its non-Malay political partners and going for complete Malay racial hegemony with token non-Malay representation.

OTK is continues to be fiercely attacked in the press by the culprits being investigated.

OTK rallies his troops to support him. Press conferences and Star coverage galore.

Muhyiddin calls for the warring parties to keep it quiet.

OTK sues Tiong King Sing for RM500million for his allegations.

CSL-aligned MCA division heads openly call for Ong's immediate suspension. This story is completely ignored by the Star, MCA's mouthpiece.

The PAC announces that it sees nothing wrong in KDSB's claims, in stark contrast to Lee Hwa Beng's revelations.

The next day, CSL is sacked from MCA. The Star runs the story that CSL accepts the disciplinary board's decision. However, the Malaysian Insider paints a completely different picture, where CSL calls for his "comrades" to "stand up and unite to save the party." Speculation is rife that an EGM will be called to expel OTK as President and install CSL instead.

My take:
Since Najib is not above coup-de-tat's, it's not unlikely that his proxy CSL will do a Perak in MCA. The UMNO-controlled courts and ROS will ratify CSL's coup. UMNO will again have their obedient little Pekinese lapdog.

MCA is in a real damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.

If OTK does the right thing to expose the entire PKFZ fiasco, he may win back some voter support but UMNO will surely finish him and install their proxy. This would make MCA a mere UMNO puppet again - the very thing that voters rejected them for and will reject them again.

If OTK capitulates and follows UMNO's orders to cover up the PKFZ scandal, he may survive in the MCA but this would make MCA a mere UMNO puppet - AGAIN.

If MCA were to survive as a whole, the only way would be for them to leave UMNO NOW and strike out on their own because it's obvious that their present disunity is made worse by the proxy war between MCA and UMNO warlords.

UMNO has already embarked on their strategy of ultra-right wing racial hegemony. They may need a puppet for the moment. But in the long run, how would UMNO get a proxy that nobody supports elected?

In any case, MCA is as good as dead already!


  1. Bound to happen yes, if such a ship having no more wise political leaders...

    Thank you for the welcome back note. I prefer to read your blog again to opt standing infront with eyes wide open.

  2. The moment the PKFZ came out, MCA was throw in annals of history. It has joined MIC, GERAKAN, PPP as has been parties.
    The more the truth is revealed, the more disgusted the people will be. The beginning of the end for MCA.