Saturday, August 29, 2009

What An Insult To The Cow


  1. Malaysia belong to all Malaysian ... sakai, jakun, idiots, kadazan, murut, iban ... as well as to the malays, chinese, indians ... INDONESIAN ... you name it ... so long as they are born in Malaysia ... period. Malaysia ... TRULY ASIA ... yeah ... sure yeah ... with cow head sure it is TRULY MALAYSIA!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!! COW HEAD PUN BOLEH ... only in Malaysia under Najib/BN/Umno. My advise to all the peace loving Malaysian citizens ... we use our head, think, stay clam ... FORGIVE THIS IDIOTS!!! These goons rightful place is in Kamunting! So, let see why Najib & Krismudin are still sitting on their asses!!! Invoke the ISA NOW NOW NOW !!!

  2. Your anger is understandable.

    But i cannot agree to the ISA being used. Do we have no laws against hate speech to charge the perpetrators with? Why hold them without having to perform the duty to prove that they deserve their punishment?

    As the Great Soul said: forgiveness is for the strong. the weak cannot forgive.

    Can we be strong enough to extend a hand to these ignorant people and turn the other cheek in the hope that they will be ashamed and repent?

  3. Frankly speaking, I'm a normal & rational citizen of Malaysia. I believe I speak for a large number of Malaysian who do not agree with ISA like you and I. However, the message I wanted to put across is why when non-muslim, non-BN, non-Malay, etc issues, the govt are very quick to used ISA, force like the police/FRU, chemical water cannons, beatings, arresting, etc ... you name it. Look at the behaviors of MACC? ... the police? Different sets of rules ... wont you think so? IT IS SO OBVIOUS in the eyes of the RAKYAT. "1 Malaysia" ... how phatetic! The govt need to take the SAME ACTIONS like how they did on the "nons" mentioned. God bless Malaysia.


    Section 295 of the Penal Code:-
    Destroying, damaging or defiling a place of worship or sacred object with intent to insult the religon of any class of persons...Jail 2 years or fine or both.

    Section 298 of same code
    Uttering any word or making any sound in the hearing or making any gesture or placing any object in the sight of any person with intention to wound his religous feeling...Jail 1 year or fine or both.

    So what are the police waiting for?

  5. Anon

    Re: ISA - yes they are bloody hypocrites. But it's not racial. remember the anti-ISA protests were mostly attended by our fellow Malaysians who were mostly Malay. Majority of the ISA detainees are Malay. It's not Malay vs non-Malay, it's the politically powerful against the not politically powerful.

    Re: laws against hate speech. What are they waiting for? Instructions.