Saturday, September 5, 2009

Doesn't matter what I do, as long as nobody knows

Yes...that certainly seems the be the message that's going around the ruling circles these days. There's no word about reform, return to integrity, clean government, fairness, justice, morality or rule of law. It's all about correcting perception, managing image, disseminating "correct" information, stopping the flow of "incorrect" information.

As if recalling information is like recalling faulty merchandise.

As obvious as it may seem, somehow the people in the ruling party insist on being stupid enough to believe that they can retract information from people's minds.

But in Malaysia these days, you don't have to have any brains, or morals, or class to be in the ruling party. All you need is a fat wallet and a fat Rolodex filled with the names of who's who. If you have that, then you got it made.

Because in Malaysia these days, a fat wallet and a fat Rolodex gets you into the higher echelons. If you don't have that, no worries. All you need is to say and do something outrageous - preferably something that would offend minority communities. That would get you "noticed". And if you're noticed, you're on the way to getting a fat wallet and a fat Rolodex.

And when you've got a fat enough wallet and a fat enough Rolodex and you're in UMNO, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you like in this country.

You can utter racist remarks against another ethnic group, and the reporter who quotes you gets to enjoy being arrested and detained indefinitely for no reason "for her own safety."

You can have money to live the lives of multi-millionaires but no one will question how you manage on your meagre 5-figure income.

You can "disappear" a certain woman from a certain country, leaving no traces of her - no physical trace, no paper trace and now it's even allowed to mention that certain woman's name!

You can violate a sacred animal's severed head and utter bloodthirsty threats against minority groups and Cabinet Ministers will come out and defend you, saying "Hey what the hell's all this fuss about a cow's head?"

You can have no evidence on anyone but witnesses who have every reason to live will still jump out of windows and kill themselves for no reason.

And now,

If you're in the ruling party and you've been caught on tape in your stupid lies, you recall those tapes and order everyone in the country to forget about it.

What does it achieve to recall the videos?

The videos have not been edited to put the people in a bad light. In fact, they were straightforward verbatim recordings of what happened and what people said.

In short, the videos SHOWED THE TRUTH.


The only people I can think of who want to suppress truth are those who want to perpetuate lies. That the MCMC was brought in to do the hatchet job is another blow to our country's credibility as the MCMC is the govt body tasked to ensure the integrity of our MSC's charter, which includes a clause on non-censorship of the Internet.

I've always believed that there was an inverse relationship between pride and intelligence - the more pride you have, the less smart you are.

And this recall order issued by the MCMC to Malaysiakini is the heights of arrogance - thinking that they can cover up these shameful words and acts perpetrated by the ruling party who think that they can do everything they like.

It also shows the depths of their stupidity because these people don't seem to realise that people are not robots - they cannot have their memory formatted and reprogrammed at their whim.

And stupid people don't ever last very long, do they?

I think that's the silver lining in all of this - with this level of stupidity in the government, they're most definitely gonna be gone for good soon!

Meanwhile, here's a tribute to those geniuses who are trying to censor Malaysiakini from reporting the truth:

Note: Mark Antony's struggle for power led to civil war in Rome and he was eventually defeated and committed suicide. Now if something like that can happen to a great general and man of valour like him, gives us hope about the arrogant, whining cowards ruling our country now, doesn't it?

Ahh... we can only hope and dream!


  1. You seem surprised.

    I mean, you talk as though civil service bodies or apparatus like the MACC, the Police force, the EC, the MCMC , even the acting in the best interests of their respective charters.

    I mean you talk as though all of the above have not prostituted themselves to anyone.

    I am surprised that YOU are SURPRISED!