Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aiyooo...some things you just don't say la!

Sigh! It looks like the govt's million ringgit contract to APCO isn't worth diddly-squat. How much lower can Malaysia's credibility go when we have a PM with a cloud of suspicion hovering above his head, lecturing the world about how to govern a country peacefully? Does he seriously believe that no one will see through the puke-ifying hypocrisy? I'll bet the forumers were all sniggering in their seats...
Just goes to show that our govt has still got no idea that the problems in our country cannot be fixed with money and PR!

Here's a pictoral journey through 1Malaysia ala Najib!


Najib: 1Malaysia can be expanded to 1Region, then 1World

(The Star, 6 October 2009) PARIS: The 1Malaysia national philosophy can be extended to the concept of 1Region and ultimately 1World, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

I'm sure plenty of countries are desperate to learn how 1Malaysia really CAN be extended to 1Region and 1World. After all, 1Malaysia is such a mature democracy it is like a shining beacon to the world!

Just look at the maturity and passion for democracy demonstrated by these two 1Malaysia supporters!

He said this would be the next logical extension of the philosophy based on mutual trust and respect between all communities.

Ah yes...what better way to build mutual trust and respect than by having senior government leaders wave the keris and threaten to use it against the minorities in the country. What a fine example of peaceful nationhood they are setting for the nation!

Najib said he believed this was the right formula not only for national harmony but also for enhancing regional and global peace.

People certainly love their peace and harmony (or else!!) in 1Malaysia.

With a history of threats of racial violence, detention without trial, trumped up sedition charges, and kangaroo courts all enforced by a compliant police force, very few people would dare to speak up!

“No obstacle is too high or too deep or too wide for us to overcome if we join hands, think and act together as 1World,” he said, quoting an old Malay proverb that one could conquer all peaks and traverse all valleys.

Yes, certainly there is no obstacle to what you can accomplish in 1Malaysia.

Just take Perak for example, not the constitution, not the law, not even the opinion of voters proved to be any obstacle to take over a sitting government via coup d'etat!

Najib was speaking at the 35th United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) General Conference’s opening plenary session Tuesday.

He said the three major challenges currently confronting the international community were the need for durable peace, a new global financial architecture and tackling climate change.

Who better to talk about innovative finance structures if not 1Malaysia!

These guys show that they have found a fantastic "new" way to make money - classify corruption and vote buying as a legitimate right!

However, Najib noted that there could be peace only if various groups were willing to engage each other constructively through inter-cultural dialogue.

I'm sure he had the 1Malaysia cow head protestors in mind when he said that. After all, the protestors did not mean to hurt the feelings of the Hindus when they said that they were willing to spill blood over plans to relocate a Hindu temple! That was merely inter-cultural dialogue at it's 1Malaysia best!

“Ignorance, fear, prejudice and apathy, if left unchecked, were fertile ground for breeding hatred, extremism, fatalism and fanaticism, which were the root causes of the world’s ills.

“As such, Malaysia is willing to play its role in facilitating inter-cultural dialogue,” he said, citing Malaysia’s strategic position as a bridge in linking all of the world’s major cultures.

Just look at the marvellous dialogue 1Malaysia is having with citizens on a peaceful walk.

I suppose 1Malaysia subscribes to the "actions speak louder than words" school of thought...

“Truly, for Malaysians, inter-cultural dialogue is an everyday fact of life,” he said of the founding fathers’ wisdom to use integration, rather than assimilation as a national policy to manage race relations.

On the financial system, Najib said the world must shun the instinctive tendency to retreat into narrow nationalism and protectionism.

Surely 1Malaysia is in a perfect position to criticise the world's tendency to retreat into narrow nationalism and protectionism.

None of that in 1Malaysia!

Nope! Nada!

“We must ensure that prosperity is shared more equitably and there are appropriate mechanisms to deal with excesses and manipulation of the system,” he said, touching on the recent tragedies of the Padang earthquake in Indonesia, the tsunami in western Samoa, hurricanes in the Philippines and major floods in southern India as a reminder of the world’s fragility and interdependence.

He said the forthcoming United Nations summit in Copenhagen on climate change must reflect a strong global commitment and action to reverse the planet’s serious deterioration.

“Unesco has been in the forefront to preserve some historical sites as part of our global heritage.

“Yet, the most valuable heritage that we can bequeath to future generations is Earth itself, a planet which can sustain the quality of life for mankind to the end of time,” he said.


If only Najib had just shut his trap and said the usual political empty double talk just to fill in his time slot, we would have been spared the embarrassment!


  1. Its true,he is living on another planet. Malaysia is the country where "Ignorance, fear, prejudice and apathy" rule and the last thing on the mind of an UMNO government is that of " ensur( ing) that prosperity is shared more equitably"

  2. Was Najis referring to Singapore? The Lee Kuan Yew led country, which UMNO very arrogantly kicked out? I'm pretty sure why jetsetting between his mistresses in Mongolia and Paris, he was living out “Truly, for Malaysians, inter-cultural dialogue is an everyday fact of life,”

  3. Talk is cheap.....cakap tak serupa bikin...The whole world might have listened but no one is serious in his words.

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  5. Pink Lips has taken the phrase "cognitive dissonance" to dazzling new heights of significance! Excellent post, thanks :-)