Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here's Why The Story That Christians Are Using "Allah" To Convert Muslims Is A Blatant Lie...


The ridiculous accusation that Christians are trying to lie and cheat Muslims into the religion by using "Allah" is so ridiculous it's not even funny! But the current UMNO-led hate campaign against Christians in Malaysia deserves to be exposed for the ridiculous political charade it is.

Don't they realise that saying Muslims can be cheated out of their faith is not only insulting to Christians but it is ESPECIALLY insulting to Muslims?

They're saying that Muslims in Malaysia are so stupid they can't tell the difference between a mosque and a church, just because the Word "Allah" is used by both! They're saying that Muslims in Malaysia are so stupid they can't tell the difference between the Quran recitals and Christian hymns. They're saying that Muslims in Malaysia are so stupid they can't tell the difference between the azan and church bells. Between the Imam and the priest. Between the Bible and the Quran. Between...you get the idea. The list just goes on and on!

The tragedy is that there are 240,000++ Muslims who AGREE that they are as stupid as UMNO says they are! And they are all so gung ho in trying to get ALL Malay Muslims to agree with them that they are just as stupid!

No wonder the Indonesians hate Malaysia so much - these dudes here are giving their ancestral homeland a bad name!!

But anyway, I'm not a Malay nor a Muslim. I am DEFINITELY NOT an UMNO member/supporter/crony/whatever. So whatever they want to think about themselves is their business.

But I just want to put this one lie to rest for the moment:

Yes, Christians are called to carry the message of God to everyone. But lies and cheating has never been one of the strategies that Jesus taught His disciples. In fact, Jesus says:

John 17:17-18
Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.

So, Christians are called to speak the truth. If so, how can we be accused of using lies and cheating tactics to convert people?

Not only that, these were Jesus' instructions to those he sent to carry His message:

Matthew 10:14
If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town.

Mark 6:11
And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave, as a testimony against them.

Luke 9:5
If people do not welcome you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave their town, as a testimony against them.

As we can see, there is no compulsion at all for people to accept the message. The disciples were merely instructed to speak. If their words were accepted, fine. If not, just leave.

In the Malaysian context, the entire Muslim population has been closed off from the Christian message by the Federal Consitution. In other words, this entire segment of the Malaysian population are the "people do not welcome you". And what is Christ's command in such a situation?

Where does it say that Christians have to pursue converts to the point where lies and cheating tactics become acceptable evangelism tools?

Can anyone from the UMNO campaign answer?


  1. We do remember an incident, two muslim men had gone undercover to a church with the aim of seeking out malay youth who apostate. Nazri too said he participated in a church service previously. They went to attend the mass in church from beginning to end and participated in everything… including holy communion (the consumption of ‘the body of christ’ , which is only for Christians.
    To us Christians, the body of christ is something very sacred, that only Christians (some churches even stressed ‘baptised and practising Christians’ are allowed to consume because only we catholics believe in this what was called ‘transubstantiation’ where a piece of white host was transformed into the body of christ. as the police report stated – ‘this white host, according to the catholics, is something very sacred and should not be played around with because Christians believe the host to be jesus christ, whom only Christians can consumed’. Those two undercover muslim men not only consume the body of christ but they spit it out later to photograph it

  2. Yes...

    They are also not afraid to openly call Christianity "blasphemies", "road to hell", etc, nor the Trinitarian Lord Almighty as "3-in-1 coffee", "3-in-1 shampoo" and other such vicious insults.

    Not to mention the discrimination against Christianity that force many churches to skirt the law by establishing themselves in shoplots.

    Nor the trampling on the Constitutional rights of E. Malaysian Bumiputras to freedom of religion.

    Now they have banned pretty much the Christian vocabbulary in BM in the Malay Sultanate states. That makes every Malay-language church service break the law every week. Not to mention that every Malay-speaking Christian is also a law breaker for practising his/her religion!

    And they accuse Christians of disrespecting Islam?! What exactly have Christians in the country done to Muslims?

  3. those UMNO muslims who manipulate the Allah issue thot they are very smart. not that they dunno dat Christians in some non-engrish speaking communities hv been praying to Allah for hundreds if not thousands of yrs. they know there will always be a bunch of ignorant muslims out there to be xploited for political mileage. if they hv conducted a fair election in GE12 BN_UMNO had oredi lost their plot. period.

  4. Btw, do you know that new churches can't even carry the word "Church" in its name since I don't know when. WTH!

  5. Looked like Muhkriz is taking a right wing hardline approach and Khairy is taking a middle ground approach in their strategy to gain malay grassroot support.

  6. I just received this "funny email" from a friend and wanna share it here with all...

    A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out ‘Ayah! Ayah!’.
    His neighbor got very upset and said to him, “Can you please tell your children not to call you ‘Ayah’?”

    The man asked, “Why?”

    The neighbor retorted, “Because my children call me ’Ayah’ too. They might get confused and mistake you to be their father.”

    Then the man told his neighbour, are you not a shame to say that your children do not know who is their 'Ayah'. So you are saying by using the word 'Ayah' , your children will call me Ayah too without knowing who is their father.

    The neighbour said yes,only I should use the word 'Ayah'.

    The man said, then there is something wrong in what you are teaching your children.They are not sure and do not know who is their 'Ayah'

  7. Allah is for muslims , the UMNO said. His Parents gave Him the name. Everyone with a name must have a parent. The Father maybe got four wives like their prophet. Sorry, but the name ALLAH is given by HIS father, so say the UMNO muslims. The UMNO muslims say Jesus is the son of GOD but why God has a son? Well, the Christians may say, Mohammad is not the son of God, but His father is the son of His Grandparent.

  8. Muslims obviously do not know how convert a Christian. They thought it is like the way they convert a muslim by force, by threatening, by enticing, by force promises, by compulsion, by distortion, by confusion and may be by tradition.


    How wrong it is for anyone to think that conversion of anyone to become Christian is the work of men. For that matter for a muslim to be converted he or she must have faith in Jusus Christ and that can only come about by hearing the Gospel. Bible delcares "Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God". Where on earth that you can be converted because using the world "Allah". You see when the truth is obscured by a depraved mind confusions and darkness abound.

  9. In some state/area; it seems a church cannot look like a church!

  10. You are right BRO. You hit at the BULLS EYE.

  11. Menapa UMNO mahu membodohkan orang Melayu Muslim?????sebab BODOH punya orang senang di kontrol olih UMNO.

  12. Hangpa semua bodo...

  13. If a person becomes a Christian, it is not the work of men as pointed out here but the work of the Holy Spirit who has convicted that person of his/hers helplessness state/sins that he/she comes to realise that he/she needs Jesus Christ, the messiah as his/her personal saviour to save him/her from the coming judgement. To be a Christian is not that simple as just being a member of a church or just profess to be a Christian. Being a Christian means one has been transformed from the old being into a new being (born again) 2 Corinthians 5:17). In Matthew 7:21, there are many people who called upon the name of Jesus but if they do not do the will of the Father in Heaven, they have no place in heaven. As such, to become a Christian, it is not as simple as makan kacang, only the Holy Spirit that can bring the person to Christ, not man.

  14. Here's an excerpt from Ridhuan Tee's latest blog posting on 17th January 2010 -

    ~Therefore, do not be surprised that if Muslims come forward to defend their rights because it is in the scope of freedom. Freedom means in defending the dignity and the rights respectively. Rasulullah SAW stated, which means: "Whoever was killed in defense of his wealth is a martyr, killed in defense of his dignity is a martyr, killed in defense of his religion is a martyr and killed in defense of his family is a martyr." (Hadith narrated by Abu Daud, Nasa'i and Tirmizi)


    Is this a subtle call for martyrdom which will seep surreptitiously into the 'confused' malay mindset and set a chain reaction of increasing violence, etc?

    IMHO there's a purpose to RT's maddening rantings and the UMNO FB group is part of the strategy.

    Meanwhile, watch out for Perkasa.

  15. How different Christ's message is compared to Muhammad's. Muhammad said it's okay to lie and deceive as long as it's for the cause of Islam. The ends justify the means. And we have seen how often Muslims lie and deceive that their satanic cult is a "Religion of Peace". My ass!

  16. Anon 4:52

    Although this blog does not moderate comments, it does not give people the right to insult others' beliefs.

    What you have said is highly insulting to Islam! And that is DEFINITELY something I will oppose!

    Although I am Christian, I respect all religions and their adherents. There is no reason at all that other religions other than my own should be insulted. In fact, we all should learn from other religions to find out the beauty in them and see if our own faith stands up to scrutiny.

    Your statements are highly inflammatory. With nothing to back your motives, you sound extremely suspicious!

    Your particular comment's Modus operandi sounds suspiciously like it comes from the minds of the people we are opposing.

    If your idea of Christ compels you to make statements like this, go see your pastor/priest and get some proper religious teaching about showing Christ's love and not judging others.

    If you're a cybertrooper in disguise: God is your judge, not us.

  17. Tidak bolehkah kita di Malaysia menerima perbezaan masing2? Kalau orang Semenanjung terkejut ada orang Kristian berBahasa Melayu yang menggunakan Allah tidak bolehkah mereka menerimanya? Apa perlunya bertengkar? Bolehkah kalian memberi contoh 20 orang Muslim yang beralih ke agama Kristian? Saya boleh menamakan 100 orang Kristian yang beralih ke agama Islam! Bolehkah saudara menamakan satu undang2 yang membolehkan orang Islam memeluk Kristian? Saya boleh menyatakan 14 undang2 yang membolehkan orang Kristian memeluk Islam! Tidak cukupkah ini? Bolehkah saudara menamakan satu penerbitan di Malaysia yang menyeru umat Islam memeluk Kristian? Saya boleh menamakan 10 buku yang secara langsung atau tidak menghina agama Kristian! Kalau masuk Kristian bolehkah seseorang itu hidup bebas? Tidak! Kalau orang Islam memeluk Kristian bolehkah orang itu menukar agamanya di dalam IC? Tidak! Kalau orang Islam memeluk Kristian adakah dia akan menerima wang bantuan Muallaf? Tidak! Jadi apa lagi? Kalau orang Kristian menyebut Allah pun di dalam hati atau pun di dalam gereja! Mustahil orang Islam boleh keliru kecuali mereka tersesat sampai masuk ke gereja! Sudahla bah itu. Jangan lupa tidak lama lagi kita akan membayar cukai jualan barangan

  18. Idle mind is the devils playground. It is indeed sad to see Malaysia reduced to such a state. I cannot understand how one can be confused into another ones religion. If that is possible, perhaps that person understand, believe and faith is not strong in the first place. Whose fault is it? The other religion?

    The world is getting smaller and smaller day by day. Is the government going to 'protect' these people from the world? If so, at what and whose cost?

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  20. God says, those who exalted himself will be humbled, amd those who humbled himself will be exalted. HE also says, HE[God]will use the humble to shame the proud.
    And who are the 'PROUDS' in our time refer to? Shame of you!

  21. For those Muslims who partook in receiving the host during Catholic Eucharistic celebrations, please see this link and understand what you have deconsecrated.


    May Christ have mercy on you!


  22. You mentioned; "Nor the trampling on the Constitutional rights of E. Malaysian Bumiputras to freedom of religion".

    This remind me in Penang of a Kadazan Sabah friend, a Catholic who was arrested by the police during puasa month for eating in public places. He looks like a Malay & verbal pronounciation like a Malay. Even his IC saying Paul Lanjumin, without a "Bin" in it, does not help. Calling a Catholics Priest from jail he was released the next day, what an experience! Yet on anothe time, he got arrested again for Khalwat with his Kadazan girlfriend in a hotel. The catholic girl do look like Malay but the IC "Mathilda Kessy" does not help!!!!!.

  23. nantilah sya komen.........actually these ;God's HAMBA' will not inherit anything, becos they r hamba. but those who professed as SONS and DAUGHTERS of God will definitely inherit the KINGDOM of GOD. Means at least they will share something with the FATHER and mind u, those HAMBA will always HAMBA.....no gaji.