Friday, January 15, 2010

I told you so!

In my previous post, I explained why I opposed the Allah ban because it will merely be the first step towards justifying religious persecution of minorities. In MarGeeMar's blog today was this news:

"the Federal Territory Islamic Council (JAIS) coming up with the directive that non Muslims cannot use the following Bahasa Malaysia words:

Allah, firman Allah, nabi, mubaligh, syariat, wahyu, mufti, Kaabah, hadis, rasul, iman, ibadah, fatwa, haji, kiblat, Ilahi, Injil, ulama, khalifah, wali, Syeikh, Iman, dakwah, subhanallah, insya-Allah, astaghfirullahlah, masya-Allah and Allahuakbar either in word or print. Any non Muslims caught using the above words either in word or print can be fined RM 3,000 or jailed not more than 2 years or both.

How do you expect Christian Bumiputera's to worship with such restrictions? The Melaka State Religious Council have also come up with 33 words forbidden to non Muslims."

"Nabi" merely means "prophet", "firman" means "divine command/word", "iman" means faith, "wahyu" means "divine revelation".

The UMNOputras said that Tuhan is the Malay equivalent word for God, and Christians are trying to cheat Muslims into becoming Christians by using Allah. But what about these words? There is no equivalent Malay word for these religious concepts which Malay-speaking Christians can use.

Does that mean that non-Malay Malay-speakers cannot practise any other religion other than Islam? Who is trying to cheat who out of their religion now?

Sometimes it's not nice to be right...

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