Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1Cop arrested for Aminul's murder and no more?

Today's papers front paged the arrest of a lowly corporal, Jenain Subi, for the killing of young Aminulrasyid. He is being charged for "culpable homicide not amounting to murder".

But in an NST Online article entitled "Witness breaks silence: Cops kept shooting as Aminul lay dead." dated 04 May 2010, it was reported that "Four policemen are being investigated in the case which has been classified as murder."

Why was the charge reduced? Is it justified?

Besides, why is only 1Cop charged when there are at least 4 cops involved?

If we retrace the story based on the various news reports, it is pretty clear that definitely more than 1Cop contributed to the death of Aminul.

First - the Chase

In a HartalMSM article entitled "What 6km chase?", it was exposed that the "6km chase" story spread by the police was bogus, along with their claims of roadblocks, parangs, gangsters/robbers and being attacked with the vehicle. A simple Google map analysis showed that the distance between the point Aminul's car overtook the police car and the point where it crashed was only 1.2km!

Witnesses also claim that Aminul's car was driven at a cruising speed of about 60km/h. Now let's do some maths - at 60km/h, it would only have taken about a minute to cover the 1.2km distance. Many shots were fired during that chase. Some reports put it as high as 20 rounds fired. It was definitely enough shots to destroy ALL 4 tyres and kill Aminul.

The drivers of the police vehicles could have stopped the car when they witnessed such a shooting spree. But no, what did the drivers do? They manouvered the police vehicles into position well enough to be able to target ALL the tyres and Aminul as well. They CONDONED & ENABLED the shooting spree!

Question: Why were the drivers not arrested and charged as accomplices?

Second - the Shooting

According to the report (and the very fact that Kpl Jenain is the only person charged) only 1Cop was responsible for shooting Aminul dead.

Question: Can 1Cop fire 20 rounds in a space of 1 minute?

Kpl Jenain must have been one helluva a Dirty Harry!

The standard issue PDRM sidearm is a Smith & Wesson .38 six-shooter. To fire 20 rounds, it mean that there was an average of 3 seconds between each shot. That's not counting the time he needed to reload his weapon 3 times (6 shots-reload-6 shots-reload-6 shots-reload-2 shots). You also have to factor in some time for the police vehicle to manouver around so that ALL 4 tyres of Aminul's vehicle can be shot out.

So in the end, what's the average time between shots fired? 0.5 to 1 second?

Wow...That certainly matches any Michael Bay action movie! But hey, this arrest sounds just as scripted to me! And there's a gaping hole in the plot too!

It's crystal clear that more than 1Cop was involved in the shooting. How come only 1Cop charged?

Third - the Story

Witness version (supported by open evidence) of the story goes like this:

2 naughty teens borrow a car without permission or license to go for a midnight snack. Gets involved in minor accidents. Aminul panics and runs. Aminul overtakes police vehicle, police give chase for 1.2 km. Many shots fired, bursting all tyres and killing Aminul before car crashed. Police continue firing at car after it crashed to a stop. Witness gets out to surrender but is beaten up. He somehow manages to escape.

Police version (with no evidence support):

2 suspected armed robbers were involved in a shootout. One of them was killed after a 6km chase. Police shot out all the vehicle tyres causing it to crash. Suspect then reversed vehicle to run down police but police shot him dead. Police found a parang in the vehicle and believe the suspects to be responsible for several robberies in Shah Alam. The other suspect escaped.

There is such a vast canyon between the 2 versions, it's hard to believe that they are talking about the same incident!!

In such a case, it's pretty clear that either the witnesses ganged together to create a lie to support Aminul's family or the police ganged together to create a lie to protect themselves.

2 Questions:

1. How likely is it that mamak shop workers, neighbours and passers-by managed to get together and construct a more or less consistent story of the tragic event?

2. How likely is it that a few cops conspired to concoct a story to absolve themselves of responsibility after they realised the terrible mistake they had made?

I would go with the second theory. And if so, it would mean that there were definitely more than 1Cop responsible for Aminul's death. If not directly, then as accomplices that enabled his killing and co-conspirators to the cover up.

May justice be served for Aminul and may Kpl Jenain tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in court, so help him God.

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