Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ludah ke langit, terkena muka sendiri!

It's been a long time since I posted anything here on this blog. It just got to a point where it was so tiresome ranting about the lame political bullshit day in and day out. But with the political circus increasing its performances daily, I cannot help it.

This ridiculousness is getting even more out of hand. It is even worse than during the days when they were spinning left, right and centre to get rid of Pak Lah! So I can't stand it any more, I got to speak out and get it off my chest before I burst!

 I wish...

This piece of news I caught on NTV7 this afternoon had me rushing to the toilet bowl to meet my breakfast again, after it made the long journey up from my innards.

The PM was speaking at MCA's annual convention and was mocking the Opposition. But as he was firing off his mouth (no doubt congratulating himself for his wittiness), little did he realise what an embarrassment he was to himself and the MCA delegates. Anyone with half a brain would be able to see through the sheer hypocrisy, bigotry and partisanship that riddled his speech. But the PM and MCA delegates were obviously oblivious...

Among the choice bits that the station felt was newsworthy were the following snippets from Najib's speech. 

- Najib laughing at who Pakatan will put into office if they win Putrajaya. Among the choices Najib mocked was Kit Siang, questioning what kind of position they will give him - PM? DPM? The PM's subtext was clear: Kit Siang is Chinese - will the Pakatan be so stupid to elect a Malaysian Chinese to such a high position in Malaysia? What kind of thinking produces such thoughts? Obviously the type that says "over my dead body will any Chinese be given any position of real influence! To hell whether they are qualified or not!"

Ha. Ha. Ha. Did you just say "Chinese DPM"?

Hello Mr PM, you want to laugh at your own fantasies about what other people have not done or said, go ahead. But when you finish, can anyone anwer this: has any MCA fella even come close to smelling those positions, ah?  Please la, want to insult people make sure don't kena "kar kee lang" la!

Besides, the PM is mocking the possibility of a Malaysian Chinese holding the PM/DPM post at an MCA CONVENTION?! So low class! Reminds me of the other UMNO idiot Ali Rustam telling the Melaka PPP to get lost if they don't like UMNO's ways. And the bloody MCA idiots didn't even realise the PM's insult too all Malaysian Chinese. Some more laugh together...these people really no balls and no brains! Yet they still claim to be the relevant and legitimate representation of Malaysian Chinese!

 - Najib also mocked Anwar's ambition to be PM, while not being the president of PKR. Hello Mr PM, you are Malaysia's PM but you don't know Malaysian law ka? According to the Constitution, the Malaysian PM is elected by the majority of MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT la...not by party! But I guess since your party UMNO/BN does not have the culture of following the law, your ignorance it's to be expected.

One more thing, you yourself only became PM by DEFAULT when your boss was kicked out. At that time you were NOT party president, but was only the Deputy President. Amacam kira tu?

- Mocked Anwar's family for being in PKR members and leaders, saying that it is a family-controlled party. Alamak, this one really takes the cake la. Mr PM, I'm shocked that you seem to forget that your FATHER was the 2nd PM (after he OUSTED the legitimately-elected Tunku), your COUSIN is currently the Home Minister and your WIFE is the de facto Assistant PM. Yang ni apa pulak?

Family controlled government / country?!

Please la Najib, people who live in glass houses really should not throw stones. Ludah ke langit, terkena muka sendiri!


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