Monday, December 22, 2008


It seems I've made some enemies in the blogosphere...namely DemiNegara and his ilk.

I tried to reason with him in one of his rantings and he responded with insults and racial put-downs. I reproduce my respons and his reply to that as follows:


Eyes Wide Open said:-
"Thanks for taking the time to rebut my post."

Yeah, next time I don't want you to go cry baby at other blogs and "report" that I've not published your comment and have been unfair, blah ... blah ... blah.

Listen Cikgu Mata Luas, when blogs are in Moderation mode, it is the absolute prerogative of the blog owner to publish/reject comments. You cannot demand that whatever crap you wrote be published. BUT in your case, it was published, but you chose to be a "hero" among the anti-national subversive blogs and go cry wolf over nothin'. Stop it! You want to fight me, fight me HERE! I'm not gonna swing my ekor pari and buluh betung in petty little kindergarten playhouses such as your favourite, Haris Ibrahim's Malay Apologist nuthouse of 5 lonely pathetic freaks chatting anti-Malay folklore 24/7.

Eyes Wide Open said:-
"... you chose to interpret it from a racial point of view, which was not the intent of my article at all."

What is your "intent" then? To advance a "teaching method" where you will need to stutter in eight languages to a class of confused kids?

This "you are racist" ploy is the usual last-stand (prior to obliteration) mode of racists like you. You vomit your racist-laden anything-but-Bahasa Malaysia National Schools comment here and then you tag the reactions to YOUR racist tinged points as "racist." Yup, soooo typical of these nouveau anak manjas to cry baby when the Tuan Tanahs whack them with a cyber pelepah kelapa to silence their biadap utterings.

Eyes Wide Open said:-
"You have managed to read an entire article not with your Eyes Wide Open, but with racial rebuttals ready to pounce on anything and everything."

Agree. You know why? I don't like you. You somehow give me the creeps, the type of vibe I get when an Ah Beng tries to bluff me (to his mortal detriment)in some transaction. You come across as a shallow, Malay-hating SOB who circuitously manifest your bigotry in some incoherent pseudo-"academic" fairytale while camouflaged as "an educator." In other words, you're an arrogant smart-ass, holier-than-thou jerk. Hence, I don't like your species ... and unfortunately for humankind there are many like you littering other blogs happily spewing more and more anti-Malay trash among yourselves. Happy now?

Eyes Wide Open said:-
"Instead of interpreting my postings with coloured glasses, why not try to understand another point of view?"

Again, this nouveau anak manja want to demand things. Firstly, you should have thanked me for being nice enough to clutter my blog with your nonsense. And I took the trouble - I missed the Uzbek Tiger Show up in Chiengmai because of YOU -- to digest your rantings and also took the trouble to rebut. Tapi itu semua tak cukup ah? You now demand that I "understand" and ostensibly agree with your views, including speaking Tamil, Cantonese, Hokkien, Japanese and what-have-you to a classful of kids. Lu gila kah?

Eyes Wide Open said:-
"... if you're big hearted enough,..."

See this utter lack of tact in this typical SRJK(C) product? Mintak sedekah tapi masih kurang ajar. Podaah! Mata Luas, for your species, I'm NOT big hearted, I'm NOT kind hearted, I'm NOT soft hearted, .... in fact, I have NO heart ... UNLESS your kinds get the @#$% out of your SRJK sh!tholes and go to a proper Sekolah Kebangsaan where you belajar to cakap Melayu to a level befitting your privilege as a Warganegara of this land. Then, I'll be a nice, fuzzy warm hearted buddy for life.

You know, Eyes Wide Open, I'm gonna make you a "Project" here at Demi Negara. You are still work-in-process for now. But together our community will shape you into a proper Anak Bangsa Malaysia. As a start, you must post only in the national language, Bahasa Malaysia.

Baiklah saudara/i Mata Luas, anda di beri peluang yang teramat istimewa di blog ini. Anda di benarkan post apa saja pendapat anda asalkan ianya di dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan negara anda, iaitu Bahasa Malaysia.

Kami menunggu luahan perasaan anda ........


This is my response:

Kepada saudara kijangmas, serta saudara-saudari sekalian

Merujuk kepada komen saudara kijangmas berikut:

You know, Eyes Wide Open, I'm gonna make you a "Project" here at Demi Negara.

serta yang berikut oleh Anonymous:

Do you take the battle forward into enemy territory? You think they would dare to engage in a post vs post war?

Eyes Wide Open amat mengalu-alukan anda semua mengunjungi blog saya di

untuk berbincang secara terbuka isu-isu semasa yang sedang menimpa negara kita ini. Inilah kali yang kedua saya menjemput sekalian.

Diharap sekalian berbesar hati untuk menyertai perbincangan di blog saya dengan rasional dan tenang, serta dengan hati yang terbuka.

Hanya satu permintaan saya, bacalah posting saya dahulu dengan teliti sebelum melepaskan rasa geram anda.

Jika logik hujah anda tepat, saya sanggup menerimanya dengan hati terbuka. Jika ianya hanya omong kosong berdasarkan landasan perkauman semata-mata, tanpa mengira isu-isu dasar yang sebenar, saya akan hanya akan jawab dengan:


Diharap kita semua boleh mendapat manafaat daripada segala perbincangan yang bakal diadakan.

Sekian, terima kasih.


It's GAME ON! Woohoo!

This will be a revelation of what kind of thinking is floating around out there in our beloved land!

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