Friday, December 26, 2008

GAME OVER...before it even started!!

Sigh...I wish I could say that this was the continuing saga of Demi Negara vs Eyes Wide Open, but what an ANTI-CLIMAX!! And I was soooo looking forward to some serious action. :(

Anyway, these posts on DN's blog are self explanatory. At the time of writing this post, my comments featured on my previous post in this blog still has not been published yet on DemiNegara. But the following post that I wrote to try and force Demi Negara to have some guts and publish me, got published instead. Funny how he should choose not to publish someone who has a little bit of intelligence to share. Does he view the slightest trace of intelligence as a threat to his agenda?

And funny why he should be so adamant NOT to visit my blog. All kinds of twisted reasons are given to his readers and cronies NOT to visit and discuss anything on my blog. And yet, they attack my writings vehemently without even reading them!

My mistake then...I actually thought there was SOME intelligent life forms over there (based on my assumptions over their command of English). But just some tiny exertion from me is enough to get their knickers tied up in knots. I'm especially tickled over DemiNegara's assumption that I'm an ignorant criminal (the product of the SRJK(C) system) and deemed to make me a true Anak Bangsa Malaysia by setting a condition for me to post only in Bahasa Malaysia. Upon seeing that my BM is superior to many of his blog supporters (who are Malay, no less!), now he backpedals and claims his aim now is to “membentuk nya menjadi seorang Anak Bangsa Malaysia patriotik yang berwibawa dan berhemah serta memahami betapa pentingnya Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini“.

Oi..."membentuknya" is written as one word la! Want to ajar saya kepentingan Bahasa Kebangsaan konon! Don't throw challenges at people if you're not up to them yourself! If you live under a tempurung, be humble to acknowledge it la and learn from people who have a wider view, ok!

I know, my final rejoinder to DN may be a bit harsh. I tried being gentlemanly around these guys, but I guess I've earned my right to insult them after all the racial slurs and ignorant abuse I've tolerated from those cro-magnons (who are STILL too chicken to visit this blog!) Not to mention my disappointment at not getting the opportunity to debate them.

Sighh...potong stim saja.


Eyes Wide Open said...

eh...mana komen saya?

kat blog saya dah awal saya post! kenapa kat sini takde lagi?

beria-ia sangat kat kampung DN tapi nak ke kampung EWO sebelah, kecut pulak ke?

KijangMas said...

Voren dan kerabat DN sekelian,

Bagi saya, kuman halus macam si "Eyes Wide Open" yang kini terselit di tapak kaki saya ni tak penting.

Kan dia dah di binasakan tempoh hari? Dah hancur lebur. KijangMas tak pukul bangkai. Busuuuk!

Saya anggap budak hingus nih sebagai satu "projek" di sini. Kita akan sama-sama membentuk nya menjadi seorang Anak Bangsa Malaysia patriotik yang berwibawa dan berhemah serta memahami betapa pentingnya Bahasa Malaysia sebagai Bahasa Kebangsaan negara ini dalam proses membina sebuah masyarakat Malaysia yang jitu dan sehaluan.

Proses ini akan di laksanakan di sini, bukan di sarang nya.

Dalam soal ini hujah Voren cukup berasas. Si kerdil ni memang kemari untuk memancing para sahabat-sahabat di sini supaya menceriakan blog nya yang di katakan sepi muram lagi gelap gulita.

Kalau setakat nak "didik" budak ini, di sini sudah memadai.

Kalian "didik" lah si anak kerdil ni dan perbetulkanlah minda terpesong nya dengan menghuraikan bagaimana gejala sekolah vernacular telah menjadi “racun” kepada perpaduan kaum dan keserasian masyarakat negara kita sejak Merdeka lagi.

My Reply (awaiting approval on DN):

Kijangmas, And where's my hantam of voren? Aiyoo....publish my comment also too chicken ah? Want to visit my blog also so hard meh? I've been coming here for so many times, but none of you have the balls to come and comment on my page?!

Well, just to throw you a bone here since you're all too chicken to even READ my blog...You've been claiming for weeks that I'm anti-Sekolah Kebangsaan. But I actually spent an entire posting arguing for a SINGLE NATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM! And this was before I was even aware of your blog (check my blog - I don't retrodate my postings, unlike some blog owners)!

Come on some testicular fortitude!

If the whole DN community doesn't count two balls among the lot of you, then all bets are off la. I'm not gonna waste time debating two-bit pseudo-intelligences hiding behind some small writing skills and having to share testicles with each other. Especially people who are SO CHICKEN THAT YOU DON'T EVEN DARE TO FACE ME IN ANONYMOUS CYBERSPACE!!

This is one seriously syiok sendiri blog – strutting about when there is safety in numbers. But throw you a real challenge, what happens? Instead of responding like a real man, you CHICKEN OUT – HAHAHA! Anyway, if any one of you has the testicular fortitude, do debate me on my blog. Someone here actually said he visited, but kawan...WHY NO COMMENT ON MY BLOG? Why have to come back here to kampung halaman DN only comment? TOO CHICKEN KA to show your true colours to the world ka?

And I was so looking forward to some "intelligent" debate with you guys. I guess you UMNO-types are really all the same - foaming in the mouth with all sorts of racist rhetoric but having very little to show in terms of real substance in argument (best exemplified by Shabery Cheek)!! Race, race, race...tak muak ke?

Anyway, this will be my 4th and last invite. And until someone from DN shows some balls to take me on in serious debate, this will also be my last post here.

Meanwhile...I'll leave you to enjoy your mental masturbations. I'm sure you'll be having plenty of fun comforting yourselves that you've finally shooed me off DemiNegara.


P.S. Yes...this post will also be featured on my blog along with Kijangmas' previous comments. See, I dare to openly feature what you write, a courtesy you are obviously too chicken to return.


  1. tk malu suro org dtg blog die..

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  3. Hello, EWO,

    I came here from Deminegara, and I have read your posts on education. I must say that you have an interesting viewpoint, and your solution to the vernacular school issue seems workable and reasonable as it takes the middle ground. And that is what this country should be about, isn't it - the middle ground ie. compromise, tolerance and what have you. And I fully agree with you that politicians should leave education to the educators.
    Kudos to you for standing up for yourself and your principles on DN. Don't worry about the naysayers, no matter how abusive they are. I'm sure there are many readers like me who appreciate the alternative viewpoint that people like you offer on DN. So what if they dont leave comments or engage you in your blog. Most people are silent surfers. Doesn't mean they did not understand and appreciate your thoughts.
    Keep on blogging and engaging in intelligent discourse. It can only be good for our beloved nation.


  4. Thanks zzdoc. hope to have more discussions with you so we can rebuild our glorious nation!!