Thursday, January 15, 2009

BN - Sleepless in Terengganu

Boy, oh boy! Haven't really been keeping up with the KT by-elections campaigning cos of spotty internet connection. What information I do catch is from the MSM. No choice lo...just have to glean the truth from among the mountains of bullshit hurled at us every day.

But in the last couple of days, a few things stand out in the BN campaign that no amount of spin can cover up. There is absolutely ZERO coverage of Pakatan crowds or ceramahs. The BN polititicians are looking more and more dispirited. The BN speeches are getting more and more hollow and desperate.

I just wanna highlight a few of the more obvious ones to me.

1) Najib looks increasingly exhausted and (dare I guess?) on the verge of giving up
I wouldn't blame him. He is helming a fractured political machinery - faced not only with massive infighting among the UMNO vultures, but also among the BN component parties. The hudud issue has failed to catch hold so far. A simple analysis would tell us why.

The whole hudud issue was created to scare the hell out of the Chinese voters. But in an overwhelmingly Malay-Muslim population, UMNO cannot afford to wave this big stick too obviously at the Chinese without the Malay-Muslim voters beginning to feel offended. After all, many Terengganu voters are PAS supporters (just about half of them voted for PAS in 0308). UMNO would be taking a big risk indeed if they were to make a big issue out of hudud, lest they alienate the voters who support hudud. So - one arm tied!

Their attacks on the opposition is much tamer compared to the Permatang Pauh campaign. The BN are obviously still licking their wounds from that debacle. Still fearful of another backfiring strategy, they won't try anything like that for a while. Their attacks on the Opposition have been reduced to the same lame arguments that they lack experience, they are lying, they will fracture and break-up, etc. Unfortunately, all this rhetoric rings hollow as even they could not have failed to see that the local support for the Opposition is electric, compared to the BN rent-a-crowds. Besides, despite their squabbling, the Pakatan state govts have been doing a better job than BN (though maybe not ideal) and the voters who have their EYES WIDE OPEN would not have failed to notice.

So - another arm tied.

With no more issues to exploit, and no vision for the country other than "grab as much as you can for as long as you can" poor old Najib and gang have to resort to begging for votes, bribing for votes and *gasp* MIMICKING DSAI for votes (I caught a clip of Wan Farid's "hwa ren, ying too ren, ma lai ren" speech on TV).

No wonder so tired la. The human body was designed to create HUMAN SHIT...with so much BULLSHIT spewing forth, it's no wonder their bodies are rebelling against them!

2) The pleas to voters seem to be getting more desperate
"Come back to vote!" pleaded Wan Farid to the KT folk working outstation. "Remember what we've done for you!" cried Najib. And this statement I read in the Star today really takes the cake:

"If you drink from the well, you should remember the one who dug it and be grateful."

Or some shit like that!

Well, I have some some hypothetical questions, based on the same scenario painted so eloquently by Najib.

Say the village is dying of thirst and some civic-minded people decide to be pro-active and dig a well for the villagers. Should we be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the villagers now have a steady supply of water, but the well-diggers decide that they deserve to get water anytime they like without queing. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the well-diggers children have connected a pump to the well have installed taps in their homes. They hardly venture out of their houses to meet people and are now using water like nobody's business. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the well-diggers' children hit upon the idea to sell water pumps to the rich villagers, thus enriching themselves beyond their dreams. So there are a large number of people lavishly wasting water, while the poor villagers still have to carry the water on their backs and the well watter is getting less and more muddy. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the well-diggers' grandchildren get the idea to sell water filters to those who have water pumps, thus enriching themselves even more. Meanwhile the villagers continue to suffer limited supply of muddy water. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the well-diggers' grandchildren hit upon the idea that EVERYONE in the village has to buy water from them because the water at the well is "too dirty". They seal the well and charge exorbitant prices for the clean water. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the well-diggers' great-grandchildren have used their riches on frivolous luxuries and have not maintained their water pumps and filters. As a result, the villagers are paying a bomb for DIRTY water. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the villagers demand that the well-diggers' great-grandchildren that they improve their delivery system and put the money they collected from the villagers to good use. And they are largely ignored. Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Say the villagers grew more fed up and some decide to take matters into their own hands. They propose plans, expose corruption, hold vigils and protests, and inform the other villagers about the issues. And the well-diggers' great-grandchildren call in the police to stamp down these "traitors, liars and troublemakers". Should we still be grateful and put these people in power?

Yes, we should be grateful to our FOUNDING FATHERS, but we are NOT obliged to be grateful to their children who are greedy, corrupt, lazy, and racist!

3) The BN camp seems to have no issues to exploit from the get-go and has resorted to more and more bribes and promises of even more bribes if elected.
Besides the usual pre-election road repairs and other last minute cosmetic works, the BN is going head over heels to BRIBE the voters of KT. Handing over oil royalty cheque to Ahmad Said is just one of the more disgusting examples. And we also have Najib dangling a large IMAGINARY carrot in front of the KT voters...RM3billion in oil royalties in 2010!!!


At crude oil's peak price, Terengganu was never entitled to more than RM1.6billion (the figures are rather muddy in this area - different people quote various numbers, but the "cheque" handed over was only for RM300++million in oil royalties). Wonder where Najib got that magic number of RM3billion? Maybe he plucked it out of Saifool's @$$? I mean, the BN seems to expect the rakyat to believe any story to come out of that nether region lately...

And hey, let's not forget that even though the (MOCK) cheque has changed hands, how much money is being used where is still a dark, dark secret! And why isn't the state directly benefiting from the resources from its own state? Why is the oil revenue concentrated in the hands of the Federal government?

Isn't this a case of blatant thievery in the case of the Federal govt, specifically UMNO? I go to your house, I rob you blind of every penny that you own. I give you back a small portion. And you are expected to be GRATEFUL and allow me to continue robbing you?!

If I were you, dear KT voters, I would say to the BN with all the fury I can muster: "Get the F*** out of my house and if you ever come back here again, I'll kick your ass to kingdom come!!"

All this...just from the MSM! I have not even read the reports on the ground yet from around the blogs. It's obvious that the BN machinery is again grasping at straws.

Can it be? Dare we hope?! Is it going to be a replay of Permatang Pauh with PAS going to win hands down with a larger majority?

I really hope so. Let this KT by-election be the final hammer to nail the BN coffin shut!! People of KT - reject once and for all the party who has stolen from you and kept you poor while they grow fat in their brand new Merc E200s!!

Hidup Terengganu! Hidup Malaysia!!

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