Thursday, January 8, 2009

Umno's Message - What Response?

Got these pix from the Whisperer (


Not so long ago in Melaka by UMNO goons.
Not reported by MSM!!

Vote Wisely: Vote For Ketuanan Rakyat

Vote Pakatan Rakyat!!


You may have noticed that I do not take sides on racial issues. But I wanted to highlight this posting - I hope it will be one of a long series of wake up calls to fence-sitting voters and blind-faith BN supporters.

Look at the signs above. The normal reaction from the Malaysian-Chinese would be to retaliate with complaints of their own about the Malay race. Although not many would dare to do this openly, such blatant humiliation is enough to cause much racial discontent among Malaysian Chinese.

So one side shoots the racial cannon, and the other snipes back with racial bullets.

But is this actually a Malay-Chinese issue? Or is this really about an UMNO-sponsored hate campaign against the non-UMNO segments of society? (The funny thing is...UMNO claims to be a Malay Nationalist party, yet many of its members are not pure Malay!)

So many Malaysians are idiots to fall for such race-baiting by UMNO again and again and again. They are even more stupid to fall for MCA's line that only they can stand up for the Chinese against UMNO.

The fact of the matter is...this is all just a political sleight of hand. One hand distracts you with race baiting, another hand distracts you again under the guise of "defending your rights". All the while, while our eyes are trying to decipher the shifting dominance of Brown, Yellow or Black colours of the Malaysian wayang kulit puppets, many other hands are dipping into your pockets and my pockets and robbing our country blind!

Many are saying to the KT Chinese...a vote for UMNO is a vote for Malay racialism. Well, this line might deliver the Chinese votes...for now. But it WILL NOT arrest the long-standing racial issues plaguing our country.


Of course! A racial-based reaction to a racial problem? How is THAT going to solve anything? It will simply place another politician on the racial platform - simply on a different brand of racialism! We have may have changed the horse, but we are still running on the same track, so to speak!

While the UMNO race-baiting and insults are disgusting to the extreme and absolutely inexcusable, we must respond with a clearly non-racial mindset if we are to hope for a better Malaysia for our children.

So I would say that if there is any reason to reject UMNO in the KT by-election, let it not be because the Chinese want to punish them for belittling them. Let it be because Malaysians of all creeds (
Malays, Chinese, Indians dan lain-lain included!) reject such filthy, disgusting and intelectually bankrupt ideas from an immoral and corrupt party!

Like poison is vomited from the human body, UMNO's racialist poison must be expelled from the Malaysian body politic! And they must remain removed from the Malaysian political scene until they are able to provide real visionary leadership for Malaysia again!

So to the KT voters! Vote wisely - vote not for race, but for your country and your children's future! Vote for the party that is NOT robbing you blind, NOT denying you your rights as citizens of Malaysia and Terengganu, NOT lying to you.

Based on those criteria, you know who to vote don't you?


  1. I showed this post to a malay colleague. (She is the neutral sort)

    She tells me that this was reactionary to 2 incidences of provocation where pig carcasses were hung on the fences of Malay houses.

    How much of this is true? We should get to the bottom of this or else there will be no end to such protests...

    hope EWO can investigate

  2. Kuan Yew,

    This is the first time I heard those allegations. But use common sense and you probably can guess the truth.

    The MSM is constantly spinning stories, twisting facts, blowing up issues and blatantly lying to forward the agenda of BN's racial divide-and-rule policy.

    In Malaysia, where people like Ahmad Said can shout racial insults at non-Malays and be hailed as a hero and the reporter who quoted him gets arrested under ISA. You think the issue of Malay homes being desecrated will not get coverage? Especially from the utterly racist Utusan?

    But...will try to verify this news.

  3. Good reply, Bro.

    If what they said is true, you think they would only resort to hanging banners? This one you have to ask the bigot ultra racist Ali Rustam.

    He is definitely behind this!!