Friday, January 2, 2009

Kaum Malaysia Tertindas!

So, the latest hot news is that YB Manika is thinking of resigning from PKR if Indians are not given more prominence in government and GLCs under the PR-ruled states.

Sigh....Here we go again!

Race, race, race!

After the recent Chinese-chauvinist Dong Jiao Zhong tantrums over vernacular school education issues, we are now treated to the Indian-chauvinist rantings of YBs Jena and Mani of PKR. Of how Indians are being denied their rights to advancement in life. Of course, the grand-daddy of race chauvinism, UMNO, has always been harping on how the Malays are being made beggars in their own land (even though UMNO dominates the Cabinet (and by extension Parliament), civil service, government bodies, GLCs, universities, mass media, Malay NGOs, state religious bodies, courts, police, army, etc etc etc)

Every time a govt appointment or contract is given to a Malay, the Chinese and Indians will say they are being denied their rights to equal treatment. Or when it is given to an Indian, the Malays will protest that their rights as Tuan Tanah are being eroded. Or if it given to a Chinese, the Indians and Malays will decry the Chinese for sneakily maneuvering their way to grab what rightfully belongs to others.

So...the Chinese are robbed of their rights, Indians are robbed of their rights and the Malays are robbed of their rights. Well, if all the major races in the country are being robbed of their rights, just where are the rights going to? I mean, let's say there are 3 housemates. Each of them starts to lose their possessions and it's not found in each other's rooms. Where are the items going to? Someone has to be taking them right?

According to the claims of our politicians, the Malays, Chinese and Indians in our country are all losing their rights at the same time. Now, the Million-Dollar-Question that no one seems to be asking is...who gains?!

Well, I guess it must be the “Dan-Lain-Lain”s in the country la!! Wait ah...let me go and ask my Iban or Portuguese friends whether they have experienced any increase in rights...(whatever those “rights” may look like!)

WTF??!! Are so many Malaysians BRAIN-DEAD that they can't see through such obvious LIES?

Our politicians are falling head-over-heels to be seen as fighting for Malay, Chinese and Indian causes (and of course, their votes). They are desperate to be in a mighty struggle for Malay, Indian and Chinese rights. They portray themselves as the Malay, Chinese and Indian warriors fighting to ensure the entitlements of their respective races are not denied.

It would seem that the races in Malaysia are in a non-stop tug-of-war with each other, with their elected warriors having their hands full in the non-stop battle for racial rights. One hand is straining to pull in more rights and entitlements for their race and the other hand tightly grips what they already have in order not to lose it to other races. And our self-proclaimed Malay, Chinese and Indian champions would try to convince us that they are the best candidates for the eye-bulgin', vein-poppin' fight for their race on behalf of everyone else.

But, even though I'm of Chinese descent, I don't feel assured at all with MCA installing themselves as “my” champion to speak out for my “rights” as a Chinese. Neither does DJZ's fight for Chinese-medium education bring me to heights of elation that my “rights” are being stood up for.

Because I consider myself a MALAYSIAN FIRST. So, what I would really like is for someone to fight for my rights as a MALAYSIAN. And I believe the silent majority of MALAYSIANS who are being severely robbed of their rights desperately need someone to stand up for us.

So what are the rights that we MALAYSIANS are being deprived of?

Here's a short list.

1. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to peace of mind every time someone puts a racial agenda on the table and barks like a crazed hyena over it.

2. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to meet with more than 4 friends in public without police interference.

3. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to clean, efficient government and judiciary

4. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to a dedicated and professional police force, and a safe and crime-free country

5. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to a peaceful and strife-free country for our children when this land continues to be ruled by racial segregation and institutionalised bigotry

6. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to a progressive future when inefficency continues to be bred by artificial quotas and political patronage instead of advancement by merit

7. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to quality education when the Education Ministry is being usurped by ambitious politicians who would do any stupid thing to get noticed

8. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to the freedom to voice any thought that is not government-approved

9. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to be independent when politicians bribe the rakyat by convincing them that government largesse is the rakyat's “right”

10. MALAYSIANS are being robbed of our right to universal social security when more and more essential services are privatised, and the poor (of all races) have no access to effective government aid

Of course, there's much more. But 10 is enough for now la.

So, YBs Jena and Mani, until you learn how to fight for the rights of ALL MALAYSIANS, why don't you PODAH and migrate to India (or Pakistan) where I think your fight for Indian rights will be much more relevant. We MALAYSIANS are sick enough of BN-style racial politicking.

We didn't vote Opposition to see more of the same.

And PKR, it would be wise to screen your recruits so that you don't have such subversive racist elements such Zulkifli, Jena and Mani that only serve to undermine your credibility as the lead party in PR. And please discipline these people, otherwise the rakyat who have their EYES WIDE OPEN will see that your agenda is not reform for Malaysia, but power for Anwar and the Party.

Sori la beb, but that just don't fly with us!

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