Thursday, January 1, 2009

Salute to you, Datuk Tony!

I was reading Datuk Tony Fernandez's blog and saw his heartwarming 2009 wish list. I just want to share this with you.


What can you do for your country, not what your country can do for you.

So what are my hopes and aspirations for 2009?

1) I hope Malaysians will change forever and look at what they can do for the country, instead of relying on the nation to provide everything. We must be positive and see what we can do to make this country a better place. Sitting back and criticising and not changing will just not work anymore. And I do hope that when we speak, we present our views clearly, rationally and with sensitivity instead of doing so anonymously. So many of those who post their views on blogs, for instance, just criticise and do so anonymously. If there is something to be said, say it openly and be prepared to defend your views in open debate.

2) We as a community must demand more from our education system. If our national schools eradicate their deficiencies and all were more like Victoria Institution or St. John’s, for instance, Malaysians of all races will be lining up to send their kids to national schools. There would then be no need to waste time on pointless debates about vernacular schools and such. Get the national schools right, and we will be on our way. It’s about providing the people with palatable choices.

3) We have to improve the standard of English among our kids. If we are to be globally competitive, then you can't run away from the need for a high standard of English. That's not saying we should not also be fluent in our own mother tongues. How I wish I could speak other languages. Imagine if all our kids could fluently speak English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil or Hindi! How powerful that would be! But we must be masters at English.

5) That 2009 will be the Year of Meritocracy. Adopting meritocracy as a policy in all sectors will help lure back smart Malaysians and not risk losing them to other countries, especially Singapore.

8) I hope Malaysians will take a grip of their own lives and design their own destiny. Don't complain, don't wait for handouts, go out there and make a difference. Don't be negative and have a real can-do mind-set.


Unfortunately, Datuk Tony is a business leader and not a political leader.

One can only wish that someone with his level of thinking will helm our country...

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