Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Congratulations To The Opposition!

HURRAY!! It's finally happened!

The long-expected defections have finally taken place! The Opposition has finally installed itself as the legitimate government!

Congratulations for the victorious party are certainly in order!

Perhaps we can finally see the formation of a clean, efficient and trustworhty government that the rakyat has been longing for.


If Anwar had succeeded in his quest to seize power, the write up above would probably aptly describe the sentiments of many PR supporters.

Funny that when the Perak Opposition succeeds in this plot, there are howls of injustice, immorality, and all kinds of protests. But to the BN, that's likely the same line of propaganda they will take.

This is not just pie in the face of Anwar but all PR supporters who agitated for government change via crossovers.

Tit for tat. Quid pro quo. Do unto others as you want other to do to you. You can't whack others but cry foul when you are whacked. This is not Hollywood, where if the "good guy" kills - it's heroic, but if the "bad guy" kills - it's evil.

But ultimately there is some good to be gleaned from this whole stinking episode.

Enticing crossovers is never the decent way to form a government as it leaves too many questions hanging - what was the carrot or stick used, what was the defector's level of integrity, etc.

At least THAT issue is laid to rest once and for all.

But wait...this is Malaysian politics, where anything and everything can happen!

What the hell, with a RM7,000,000,000 booty waiting to go into selected pockets, a brand new MACC hound dog on the loose, and Mat Rempits lobbing Molotov cocktails into Opposition homes, whose to say there won't be more people stimulated into jumping?

I guess we better grab our popcorn, then...

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