Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down with Najib

Still believe Najib is the saviour of Malaysia?

Still trust that Najib knows what he's doing?

Take a look at this:

Don't understand economics? Never mind. As long as you know which way is up or down, you'll understand this graph. We can see that for the whole of 2008, our country's economy has been going south, south and south.

What was BN focusing on all this time?

Q1 - GE campaigning
Q2 - 1st round power-grab
Q3 - Kick out Abdullah campaign
Q4 - Coup d'etat planning

Q1 - 2nd round power-grab

While the mightiest economies in the world like the US, Japan, China, Singapore, etc are putting their best brains on the desperate task of holding back the economic tsunami, what is our Finance Minister doing?

From what I see, just about diddly-squat!

Sure, there's that RM7 billion stimulus package - but that only benefits UMNO contractors.

The next stimulus package is set to be announced in March.


Many countries are already rolling out their 2nd package after their 1st package successfully achieved their targets.

But we all here baru sekarang nak planning buat apa.

Ya la, what to do? That's what you get when you have a Finance Minister who needs to refer to his blog commentators for ideas how to run the economy. In the meantime, prices remain high, wages are getting cut, cost of living continues to go up - all because the UMNO/BN regime is too busy trying to hang on to power and save their billions in immoral profits!

And all this time Najib's busy planning how to grab power, show power, consolidate power.

It's so obvious he's more interested in power plays than leading the country. This whole PM-ship seems like a casual game of StarCraft to him.

Malaysians, just resign to the fact that we're in for terrible times as long as Najib is in power. Literally, the country is going down with Najib at the helm.

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