Saturday, February 28, 2009

Showdown in Perak

Perak Speaker calls emergency session next Tuesday

(The Malaysian Insider) - Perak legislative Speaker V. Sivakumar has called for an emergency sitting of the state assembly next Tuesday in a move that could see the Barisan Nasional (BN) government voted out of power and further complicate the constitutional impasse.

Sivakumar is invoking the assembly’s standing orders 8 and 11 to call for the emergency sitting to vote on two motions in relation to the state’s constitutional impasse.

The two standing orders give him the powers to call for an emergency sitting of the assembly.


I hope the Speaker knows what he's doing. I feel it's dangerous on so many levels:

1) There is no Sultan's consent - this will be played to the hilt by UMNO.

2) The State legal advisor and other govt servants are blatantly defying the Speaker by not blocking the assembly notices from being sent out.

3) Zambry and gang have openly declared that they will defy the Speaker's suspension orders

This action by the Speaker is pushing all the elements together for a perfect storm.

Worst case scenario as I see it:

Baginda Sultan Perak is again used as Najib's mouthpiece to defy the Speaker.

If Speaker goes ahead to convene the Assembly, there will be riots by UMNO in Perak.

Zambry and gang will turn up at the DUN.

Speaker will order them removed from premises.

State employees will defy his order.

Chaos in the DUN.

PR reps will be arrested by cops and various other authorities.

Federal govt declares emergency in Perak.

UMNO riots continue throughout the country.

May 13 2009 happens.

Nationwide emergency is declared.

Najib gets his empire-without-elections...

YB Sivakumar, think carefully before you decide to do this. Some risks are too much to bear. We still want to have a chance at change in this country. All will be lost if Emergency is declared.

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