Tuesday, February 10, 2009

May 13 2009? The Son Upping The Father...Pt 1

"When you understand people's real intention, nothing they say or do is surprising."



Several Moon cycles ago, I commented on an online forum that political and racial tensions will escalate to crisis level, goaded by UMNO/BN and their agents.

At that time, it was my response to the racial posturings coming in the wake of the Abdullah/Najib power struggle. At that time, it was also the height of intra-BN spats, with Gerakan and MCA flexing their political muscle against UMNO for the rakyat to see.

Under Abdullah, people were speaking their minds all willy-nilly. You had Gerakan and MCA daring to speak up against UMNO. Even the Star and NST dared to deviate from their usual script (even if it was just a little!)

When Najib was confirmed as Abdullah's successor, I commented that there was still racial posturing but it was becoming more focused and controlled. My conclusion was that, with Najib confirmed as the successor, he was consolidating power and directing the propaganda strategy. Thus, my conclusion that political and racial tensions will escalate to crisis level.

Don't believe my analysis of UMNO's propaganda shift? Ask yourself - when's the last time you heard Shabery Cheek say anything? Shahrir Samad? Gerakan's and MCA's promise of outspoken "check-and-balance"? The rest of Team Abdullah?

It's a case of bapa borek, anak rintik.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

et al.

The Son has learnt well from the Father.

Just as Tun Razak used May 13 to consolidate his power and oust Tunku Abdul Rahman, so will Najib Tun Razak incite another May 13/Ops Lallang to establish his unchallenged throne in Malaysia.

Will he really do it?

to be continued...

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