Wednesday, February 11, 2009

May 13 2009? The Son Upping The Father...Pt 2

This past 2 weeks, we have seen the extent of Najib's ruthlessness and irresponsiblity in his lust to grab power, so clearly demonstrated in the recent Perak coup d'etat.

Irresponsible because while he is gallavanting on his political adventures to conquer the PR states, the Malaysian economy is going to shit.

Ruthless because he will not only bribe, but kidnap and threaten his political enemies.

Ruthless also because he does not hesitate to break every law (or every person) that stands in the way of his ambition.

Ruthless because he will use every state institution like the Police, State Secretariat, Elections Commission, MACC and even the Palace to do his will.

Ruthless because he dares to manipulate the Sultan in order to whip Baginda into shape and obey his command.

Ruthless because he knows that public perception will turn against him but he still doesn't care.

My conclusion is: if he doesn't care about public perception that means he doesn't care about elections.

How can you be in power without Elections, you say? Well, simple - the PM's office has been handed to him on a silver platter already. So he just needs to maintain his power. How to do that without elections?

Just invoke Emergency orders, like his father!
All he needs is an excuse...

This way, he can stay in power for as long as he wants.

So is Najib planning to invoke Emergency powers (like his father)? Consolidate more power under his hands (like his father)? Purge the party (like his father)? And reshape Malaysia in his own image (like his father)?

In short, are we really heading towards May 13 2009? Unfortunately, it's highly probable... All the signs are there. Racial tension, demonstrations, riots, propaganda overdrive, etc...

The REALLY bad news is that while his father had vision and quality leaders/thinkers in his team, what Najib has is just wang sogok and a long list of scandals, failures and yes-men.

How can we stop him then? Don't give him an excuse to invoke Emergency!

I reproduce my comment that I posted a few months ago on another forum:

"It's very important that we REFRAIN from expressing outrage in communal terms. When we hear the UMNO racist propaganda, DON'T point the finger back and accuse other races. Instead, point the finger at the ones spreading the lies and expose them for who they are.

The sad thing is, I've seen many comments attacking the Royals, the Malay race, and basically painting everything that is associated with BN/UMNO, or even anything that is NOT associated with PR, as evil or useless.

People, we are not fighting for to give political power to any one preferred party. We are fighting for the reform and revival of our nation. Let's not be blind in our loyalties. This "either you're with us or against us" mentality will only tear our country further apart.

Personally, for me, if Zaid Ibrahim manages to convince his UMNO/BN compatriots to follow his agenda of reform - he has my vote 100%. I don't care which party or personality heads the govt. I only care that whoever it is, he/she is capable of running this country well."

Let's keep our heads clear and our focus straight. Stay CALM, stay PEACEFUL, stay SMART, stay UNITED!

And pray that God will save us all!!


  1. Dear Sir,

    My, my, you ARE very clever. A mongerer, really: scare-mongerer and whatever else that can be prefixed to the word mongerer.

    Only Razak and Najib ya? Not Kit Siang and Guan Eng too?

    If you sincerely want us to remain calm, smart, peaceful and united, you wouldn't be writing this piece would you?

    That's why I said you ARE very clever.


  2. Dear Ayah,

    I'm not very clever, I just have my Eyes Wide Open. And what I see is this:

    Najib - power, position and money
    KS & GE - ??

    Najib - Altantuya, million-dollar int'l shopping holidays, Perak coup d'etat
    KS & GE - condemnation, public humiliation, frivolous police reports against them

    Najib - holds up the keris and shouts for Chinese blood
    KS & GE - goes to ISA

    Would you like me to go on?

    Or would you like me to recommend a good optometrist?

    and one other thing:

    "If you sincerely want us to remain calm, smart, peaceful and united, you wouldn't be writing this piece would you?"

    Calling for peace and calmness is equivalent to NOT calling for peace and calmness to you, is it?

    Then how, pray tell, would YOU want me to write? Like Khairy's peaceful call to kill Karpal?