Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now THAT'S Leadership!

This is an interview YB Khalid had with the Malaysian Insider:

Despite pressure, Khalid says it’s time to walk the talk

I've seen YB Khalid give speeches. Honestly, he's no fiery speaker. And he doesn't have the charisma to engage the audience's emotions. (But he is factual!)

What I'm trying to say is, he doesn't appear to have a populist streak. He does not know how to pander to the masses. Which is why I find this interview so interesting.

Despite his lack of a charismatic public persona, make no mistake - YB Khalid is a solid leader! This short article shows that he is a leader with integrity, vision, strength and an eye on the bottom-line.

Some quotes I really liked:

“There is always a concern but we must have the strength and confidence to go through this,” he said of attempts to destabilise his government.

“I have seen millions and managed billions. But now, for RM500, discussions can run two hours,” he said but insisted that the satisfaction now was far superior to that of his time as a corporate chief.

“To translate development and welfare straight to the people, giving all citizens a better quality of life,” is his goal but he warns that there will be “no free lunch, people have to work for and earn it.” It was a thinly-veiled reference to the pressure by grassroot leaders over appointments to positions in the state and state-linked bodies.

“The Mentri Besar is the Mentri Besar to the rakyat, not of PKR. It was worse before because Umno was of a higher caste and PKR were pariahs. Now you have moved up to an equal status, so it is better,” he said.

But he insists that a safety net must be created to allow those who have been hit a chance to “recover and compete again, giving the community a first chance, a second and even third chance.” Khalid claims that a task force has already been set up to monitor the situation and to work closely with trade unions, the federal government and private sector.


Respek La, YB Khalid & Team! Thank you for faithfully soldiering on for the Rakyat despite the shit that UMNO throws at you!

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