Monday, February 23, 2009

UMNO Memalukan Institusi Raja-raja Di Mata Antarabangsa - Pt 2

Umno seeks QC help to break Perak deadlock
By Leslie Lau
Consultant Editor, The Malaysian Insider

An Umno lawyer is understood to have been instructed by the Barisan Nasional (BN) party to seek advice from a Queen’s Counsel in London in an effort to break the constitutional impasse in Perak.

The lawyer is said to have left for London yesterday to meet with an unnamed QC even as the question over the legitimacy of the current MB Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir is already before the courts here.

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Aik? I thought UMNO/BN were ABSOLUTELY SURE they're legally in the correct position?

Why now need to run off to merry old England to secure some super-super lawyer, wan? And it's not just any super-duper lawyer - it's the QUEEN'S COUNSEL, dagnabbit!!

Why? Malaysian lawyers not smart enough, is it?

And I thought that UMNO had always positioned themselves as the undisputable "defender of Malay Royalty". Now what's all this - going back to our old colonial masters and asking for their QUEEN'S COUNSEL for help?

Hah?! The same colonials that cheated our Rulers of their land?! The same colonials that tried to take over administration of the country sneakily while making our Rulers puppets?! The same colonials that the Malays fought tooth and nail to get rid from our country?!

Now they are being begged by UMNO to come back here to our country and "PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE settle our government problems for us?"

Why need QUEEN'S COUNSEL while we have Government and Royal advisors? And Baginda Sultan Perak himself was a former Lord President who distinguished himself!

Our Sultans' and Agong's legal advisors not good enough?! Or UMNO doesn't like the advice they're giving?! So basically, what UMNO is implying - that these local fellas are either too dumb or too disobedient to get them what they want?

Either way, it's an absolute INSULT and TREACHERY to our Royalty!!

1. Admitting that NONE of our local lawyers (including the most fervent Ketuanan Melayu ones) are good enough to consider.

If UMNO is so damn respectful of the Perak Sultan's wisdom, why not go back to His Majesty for advice? Maybe our distinguished former Lord President, Baginda Sultan Perak has no answer for this whole twisted issue? Or, don't have an answer that is acceptable to UMNO?

3. Going back to our colonial masters to settle our Constitutional issues? Come on! We ARE a sovereign nation, are we not? How to "defend Malay royalty" when UMNO needs to beg foreigners to come and tell them how to do things?

This whole episode is so like a 50-year-old sissy brat running back to his mama crying for her to scold the "naughty boy" next door for standing up to his bullying.

Well, UMNO has a history of hiring QCs. They're usually good for when UMNO has completely FUBARed themselves. The last case I remember UMNO engaging a QC was when they lost ownership of Pulau Batu Putih to our neighbour Down South.

Of course, if we think about it, there is good reason why the local boys won't go the extent that UMNO wants them too.

UMNO can get judges to twist the law and pretend to interpret it in such a way that UMNO likes because many of them are either UMNO members or at their mercy. They can get away with
even blatantly ILLEGAL practices because the UMNO/BN govt pays their salary!

Just think of Augustine Paul and the Lingam case as prime examples of how judges are controlled.

So you have a sticky case to be tried in court. You may have judges willing to be "liberal" enough in their interpretation to hand you the case. Now, you need lawyers willing to bend, twist and break the law to such an extent that the judge can rule in your favour.

I guess here comes the tough part.

MALAYSIAN LAWYERS are governed by the Bar Council. If they twist the law around too much, they could get hauled up by the Bar Council and be disbarred! Now, which lawyer would want that to risk that happening?

Now you could say that if a local laywer won the case for UMNO, he'd be happily rewarded for life, even if he got disbarred right? WRONG! UMNO politics being fickle, you never know when you might end up on the wrong side of the stick. And "honour among thieves" is just a myth, OK!

So I guess in a situation like this, the dumb lawyers can't win the case, so UMNO won't hire them. The smart lawyers know they can't trust UMNO, so they won't take the case.

What to do? QUEEN'S COUSEL lo...

Very easy for them, wat.

Come here. Make a damn flashy show. Win or lose, they pocket their millions. Go home. Forget all about Malaysia and her problems.

Rakyat picks up the bill...

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