Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Nude Politicians' Pictures And Naked Political Ambitions...


Does anyone actually believe that YB Elizabeth Wong is not the target of political assassination?

Does anyone actually believe that YB Elizabeth Wong is wrong for being asleep while someone sneakily takes compromising pictures of her?

Does anyone actually believe that YB Elizabeth Wong sleeping half-naked makes her unfit for public service?

Does anyone actually believe that YB Elizabeth Wong is guilty because her privacy and modesty were violated?

Gosh! Khinzir Toyol, if you're not too busy indulging in your voyeur fetish, why don't you take some time out to do some real work! How are things in your constituency?

Maybe you could lead a Rukun Tetangga raiding party to check through people's windows and see if they're half-naked and sleeping.

Or you could set up Mat Skodeng squads to peep into people's bathrooms where they're most likely to be naked and snap a few naughty pictures.

You could then demand all sorts of things from them. Like demand that they resign from their jobs, or give you govt contracts, or jump ship to join BN, etc.

What goes around comes around, beb! The evil you do today will be visited upon you tomorrow! For all you evil ones who think you are powerful now and enjoy destroying people's lives - God has eyes...

You may be enjoying your few moments indulging your greed, hate, and fetishes. But your naked poltical ambition is clear for all to see. Everyone can see how disgusting such an act is. The fact that it escapes you how disgusting this whole charade is only shows just how low-class you are.

You may laugh now, but not for long...You think Malaysians will allow low-class people like you to continue being in power?

Sorry la...I'd rather choose a hardworking and honest YB (even if she has nude photos floating around) than a lazy, greedy, corrupt, racist and stupid YB.

I support people who can work to build this country, NOT people who just want to build their own fortunes.

So for that - the person who took the pictures, the person who distributed the pictures, and the persons who are using the pictures to try and destroy her - you can all...

R O T . . . I N . . . H E L L ! !

And to Datuk Paduka Chew and Datuk Seri Nazri and other reasonable voices in the BN, you have shown yourselves to be human indeed. You didn't stoop as low as those other political dogs sniffing around other people's backsides for a political high!


  1. Totally agree with your comments. So what if there are nude pics of her. This has no implication on the way she does her work. Eli Wong should NOT resign.


  2. of course there are those self-righteous, opportunistic politicians making oh-so-moral statements like:

    She should resign cos she has loose morals...As if raping the nation of billions of ringgit is moral!

  3. Well, toyol head is not functioning well. I guess his time is up that he got this sickness of not being able to differentiate a working-hard MP and a lazy-pig MP.

  4. EWO,
    we're on the same page on this one. Khir Toyo is an idiot to compare Chua Soi Lek's rendezvous to Elizabeth's case. Hope Eli changes her mind on the resignation.