Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Political Civil War In Malaysia

We see our country tossed and turned by every political turmoil imaginable and unimaginable.

Najib, the ascendant PM-in-waiting is pulling no stops to recoup political power, by fair means or foul. But we see that his preference so far is by foul means.

March '08 was thought to be a major victory for the people clamouring for reform and change. I suppose that it was too ambitious a declaration.

It was just the beginning.

And now, Najib has declared guerilla warfare upon the PR. We see the PR representatives falling one by one - bribed, kidnapped, threatened, scandalised, etc.

Perak's hardworking reformist PR govt have fallen victim to BN's devious schemes. Selangor is reeling under cruel and disgusting scandal-mongering, Kedah YBs are also facing pressure and threats.

Najib wants us to believe that the PR's problems are not BN's doing. He wants us to believe that PR is full of corrupt and immoral people while BN is full of saints.

But the rakyat have their EYES WIDE OPEN. We can see who gets hyper-inflated govt contracts, we can see who gets the billion-ringgit monopolies that deliver inferior service but squeeze the rakyat, we can see who gets away with crime (even murder), we can see who the police protects and who they attack, we can see how judges decide cases of those in power and their cronies.

We can also see who really works for the rakyat, whose policies are fairer, who is working for transparency and accountability, who is standing up for the rakyat.

We can see...we can see...

Make no mistake, March '08 was not a victory for the rakyat. FAR FROM IT! It was just the beginning. The tired rakyat had just decided that it was time to stand up and be counted. But Najib has chosen to take it as a challenge to his iron grip on power.

Najib has declared war in return upon all the peace-loving rakyat of Malaysia.

And his troops are rapidly moving. His heavy artillery are attacking the rakyat's chosen reps using the bombs of intimidation and corruption. His infantry is on the move, taking to the streets and screaming blue murder. His propaganda machine is on overdrive. His secret agents are infiltrating the ranks of his enemies. His internal security forces are suppressing the rakyat's voices.

And several PR tokoh have fallen, despite their stellar service record - YB Nizar and team, and lately YB Elizabeth Wong. Many more will fall.

So inthese troubled times, I call on all PR reps to be strong and hold on to your principles. To those PR reps who have poor principles - quickly do what you need to do and get it over with so you can be exposed for who you are. The rakyat will know what to do next elections.

I also call on all right-minded people within UMNO/BN to stand up for the rakyat! This is not about staying in power to serve the people anymore - UMNO/BN has moved far past that goal. Please stand up and be counted for the sake of the people. If you would not do that, if you prefer your position over your responsibilities - we will also know what to do next elections.

This blog has so far never taken sides in the political debate, preferring to remain neutral and focus on issues. But the time to choose sides is at hand.

Because in war, we must choose a side or be overwhelmed by circumstances not of our choosing!

Therefore this blog cannot stand to remain neutral anymore when the powerful and corrupt are running rampant on the land and attempting to destroy the aspirations of the rakyat.

And I promise you that I will be a fierce campaigner!


  1. We are each walking from two points, and now we have reached a point we are agreement.

    Eyes Wide Open, look next to your side, here I am.

    Let's go for it..!

  2. hi bro!

    expect more to come from me soon!

  3. surely. but i don have any inside info. can only analyse from what i can see.

    if you have, you can email me. we can try to piece together a better picture of things

  4. EWO, welcome to the War To End All Wars! This war is happening within our own psyches and the conflict is between our base and noble tendencies. With Eyes Wide Open it's really quite easy to see what's base and what's noble. What's base can be transmuted (lead to gold) and what's noble can also be debased (champagne to urine). In the political arena, the line has been drawn - and I applaud your wisdom in recognizing that NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE NEUTRAL! Umno/BN (especially with Najib as leader) has degenerated BEYOND THE POINT OF NO RETURN, NO REDEMPTION. If any of your friends or family members continue to endorse the political status quo (another few years of BN misrule) saying we can wait till GE13... I have news for you: with Najib as PM, there will be no GE13! Tell everyone you know: DON'T SIGN ANY CONTRACTS WITH THE DARK SIDE!!!

  5. EWO,
    no holds barred and you didn't mince your words. It came stright from your guts and you are spot on.

    The big picture has started unfolding. We are seeing numerous prophecies of Najib's evil intentions coming into play now. We need to act and we need to act now! As our medicine man, Antares said, we have already crossed the point of no return.

    Picking sides is one, working against one side is another. As for me i'm non-partisan, but i don't want BN anymore. They had their chance and they screwed it all up. That's good actually. The more they do the things they do, the more they enable the people to act against them. Let's not stop them from digging their own graves. It will leave us only the burying part. Makes our job much easier.

    Till then, the struggle must continue. Let's bring the BN house down!


  6. Antares & Dr Saravanar

    Thanks for the fighting words!