Saturday, February 21, 2009

Open Warfare In Malaysia!

It's a war all right, with strategy, counter-strategy and tactics. And yet, UMNO/BN expects people to be blind to their crass, low-class and obvious tactics.

Here is a summary of events over the past three weeks. words in italics are my blow-by-blow commentary on the war-front. To make it easier for you to see, I've assigned colours to the parties (something like a chess game.)

Black are the PR's moves and Red are UMNO/BN's moves.

Najib pulls off coup d'etat in Perak (strike hard, strike fast - shock and awe)

PR supporters demonstrate at the Palace. (the Resistance's initial counter-attack)

Police attack the crowd, chasing and beating them right into the mosque
(Gestapo and SS in action to silence dissent)

Karpal fires back by threatening to challenge in court the constitutionality of the Perak Sultan's appointment of BN (Long range artillery attack. Big explosions but causes collateral damage to friendlies)

Dozens of police reports made against Karpal's "seditious" words (Skirmishes to distract the Resistance forces from the main objectives)

UMNO launches mass demonstrations, calling for Karpal's blood. Police protect the UMNO demonstrators (Military parades to show off firepower in order to intimidate the enemy. Protected by the Gestapo and SS)

Kedah ADUN, Arumugam, admits to being bribed, threatened and a victim of attempted kidnap (Military strategical & tactical secrets of UMNO/BN leaked)

No police action to investigate his claims. BN remains mum about such allegations. (Plausible deniability or elegant silence defense - I guess if you shut up, there's less chances of getting your foot caught in your mouth!)

Memo sent to Kedah palace to discredit Arumugam (Damage control - distract from the real issues with counter-propaganda)

Arumugam resigns then disappears (Potential UMNO/BN double agent cracks under pressure. Kedah coup d'etat nearly compromised after almost being completely exposed)

Still no police action to investigate his claims. BN still does not comment about such allegations. (Kedah coup d'etat proceeding more cautiously. Do not attract attention so the secret plans can continue)

EC allows UMNO time to take care of their priorities first - power-grabbing at the Gen. Assembly - before going for bye election. (Allies protecting UMNO's flank while they regroup and re-strategise their options)

Najib and other UMNO leaders defend the EC's decision (THIS more than anything proves their alliance! Friends defend each other right!?)

Elizabeth Wong's photos exposed. (Sniper attack orchestrated by a General-wannabe)

Khir Toyo calls for Eli's resignation (General-wannabe trying to get noticed. Unfortunately, plan backfires many allies seem to distance themselves from such sneaky tactics)

Eli offers to resign to distance PR from her controversy (Wounded comrade retreats from battle)

Khalid to meet Sultan Selangor to ask for his advice (Trying to engage a powerful ally to help the cause. Risky, seeing how UMNO was able to order the Perak palace around like they were little servant boys)

Perak DUN Speaker suspends Zambry & Co (Dawn lightning raid. UMNO/BN caught by surprise. Now awaiting instructions from the Kaiser)

PM calls Zambry to defy the ban (Puppet ruler speaking his given lines)

Anwar exposes BN's bribes and intimidations of PR reps (Close range combat. This slugfest is getting ugly, but it's the only language the enemy understands)

MACC says (cold-storaged) investigations into the cases highlighted by Anwar have been compromised by his expose (A weak counter-punch, UMNO/BN lackey caught by surprise and is now on the backstep. Awaiting orders from the Kaiser)

Karpal gets 2 bullets (Ultimatum delivered - surrender or die)

MACC finds "evidence" of Khalid's misuse of public funds within 2 weeks of report. He may face corruption charges (Moving the target into position for assassination attempt. By eliminating the enemy General, UMNO/BN hopes to disable the troops effectiveness)

Anwar may face charges for "sub-judice" statements (Assasination plot being hatched. If the leader of the Resistance is destroyed or distracted, UMNO/BN hopes to break the spirit of the troops & supporters. What they don't realise is that the PR is not a top-down, pay-up organisation of zombie mercenaries like UMNO/BN. Most of the PR troops are driven by ideals. If Khalid or Anwar falls, there will be others to replace them)

Meanwhile, popular blogger RPK faces multiple court hearings. (UMNO/BN is using the "hammer and anvil" tactic on the popular leader of the underground resistance in order to ensure his complete annihilation, again with the objective of breaking the movement's spirit. They don't realise that he is a symbol for the popular movement for change. Persecuting him will only elevate his status to that of Aung Saan Suu Kyi)


That's a lot of RED compared to BLACK. And UMNO/BN expects people to believe they have NOTHING to do at all in all this?

What is this, the BIG BANG Theory - first there was nothing, then suddenly everything spontaneously came into being?!

Hey, the rakyat may not be rocket scientists, but we're not dumb either!

We have our EYES WIDE OPEN and we can see through everything UMNO/BN does!

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