Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pendidikan Moral Bersama UMNO

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Hilarious! And shows what bloody hypocrites Khir Toyo and gang from UMNO are.


Lets see if these pejuang agama, bangsa dan negara can apply the same set of moral standards on their own kind.

If its pictures you want, then pictures it is.

Below we have the son of a former Prime Minister, during his younger days, “anchoring” himself in preparation for what he obviously hopes to be a lifetime of perjuangan in UMNO.

Seronok nampak: Hisham during happier days. Kalau tak silap, Tengku pun ada sekali masa tu, sama-sama enjoy minuman yang hebat.

Nothing like a cold one to loosen the tongue, eh? This is important, as politicians live or die by the degree of eloquence they can employ when talking cock.

Amacam, Tempe? Ko kan nak ganti tempat dia dalam Pemuda.

Here’s another picture, of another UMNO Youth leader, only that this was fairly recent, when our friend was on the up and up.

The good life: KJ is actually a master of illusions. Here he is, walking with Johnnie, while sitting down with a few people, none of whom go by that name. Keep walking, Khairy.

Not for him the cheap piss the proles chuck back by the jugfulls during happy hour. The boy goes for quality, as can be seen from what’s on the table.


If you want, feel free to circulate these photos. Send them to the media. Start a signature campaign. Whatever.

MORALS?! I don't think so...