Friday, March 13, 2009

The Chicken Shit Of Some Self-Proclaimed Intellectuals...


Some self-proclaimed intellectuals are so adamant that I'm a worthless piece of crap writer with equally worthless opinions. But then, go and make a big hoohaa about my comments on the venerable Dato Sakmongkol's blog.

There I was, posting an innocent comment about the teaching of Maths and Science in English in National Schools. (I'm actually supporting to revert to BM as studies have shown that mother tongue education is the most effective way for children to learn.)

Along come some neanderthals and make a big show of "whacking" me, but...safely hide behind "Anonymous" or even more laughable: "Eyes Open Wider".


Saudara...ada baca ka? Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery la! Thanks for thinking highly enough of me to copy my nom de plume!

The whole exchange was a total RIOT! Just too FUNNY to keep to myself!

So I just thought I'd share a sampling of these so called chicken shits' mental vomit. (And as for them masquerading as Malay intellectuals - these jokers are a damn insult to the REAL Malays who use their brains to think instead of sitting on them all day!)

I'll try to edit out most of the drivel, it gets boring...

But then, most of it IS drivel!


Eyes Wide Open said...

Language is a means to impart information - like a bridge transporting important goods between the giver and the receiver.

When that bridge (the language) is in shambles, nothing passes through. The most tragic thing is when neither the giver nor the receiver is adept at repairing or maintaining that bridge.

I went to a mission school in my school days. The teaching medium had just been converted to Malay for a few years.

We could clearly see that some of the teachers were struggling with the language. But many of them were dedicated professionals and did their darned best to deliver the goods in Malay.

I have said many times in my blog postings - language is no barrier to knowledge. Schools must not be politicised. Education must be left to the experts without political interference of any kind.

The Japanese study in Japanese,
The Hongkies study in Cantonese
The Chinese study in Mandarin
The Germans study in German.

They don't study anything in a foreign language (except foreign language studies). They have no problems mastering technology and the arts!

If you want to talk about cumbersome scientific terms, I think the Chinese have it the worst. Some scientific terms need more than 10 Chinese characters to be expressed!

Yet, they have no problems grasping technology! Just look at all the China bootleg versions of the latest gadgets hitting the streets, sometimes mere weeks after the original debuts! Compare that know-how with the atrocious English in their user manuals!!

Too bad people are too caught up with the "political implications" of language use to see the real issues.


Anonymous said...

Ha nya nak kata

Kita ni tengah penin kepala nak pikiaq Bahasa Melayu ka Bahasa Inggeris ka, si Eyes Wide Open ni pulak nak tonjolkan Bahasa Cina, Bahasa India ka?

Ini lah jenis yang sentiasa nak ambik kesemptan saja. Bila bila masa saja. Asalkan depa boleh untung. Tak peduli apa. (Untung apa tu?!-EWO)

Kalau ikut kata dia, kita kena ada sekolah dalam 20 bahasa...

(edited for brevity and clarity by EWO)


Eyes Wide Open said...

anon 10 March 2009 16:59

bahlol betoi engkau ni!

aku tengah support pengajaran kesemua subjeck dalam BM di sekolah kebangsaan la! baca la baik-baik dulu sebelum komen!

Nampak aje perkataan "bahasa cina" dah membabi buta nak mengkritik.

Kerana karenah makhluk macam engkau la negara kita hancur dalam perbelahan kaum!


Anonymous said...

Eyes Wide Open

In your comment in this posting above, if your intention is to support BM in all subjects, it is not clearly stated.

Why give examples of Honchus studying in Cantonese (bloody hell, this joker doesn't even know what a Hongkie is and he wants to teach ME a thing or two?! - EWO), Chinese studying in Mandarin? Why say students don't study anything in a foreign language? What were you trying to get at by saying those? (man, this dude is dense! That means study in native language la bahlol! In Malaysia, that's BM lo!-EWO)

Make your point clearly, use relevant examples. Otherwise, as in this case, you appear to be the person yang menyebabkan perbalahan. If you are sincere, state your arguments clearly, Madam.

(and on and on and on...edited by EWO)


Eyes Wide Open said...

Anon 11 March 2009 18:07

I simply assumed that people here would have the brains to understand what I said. I'm sorry if I assumed wrongly, as you imply...

It never crossed my mind to assume that the readers here have the cognitive qualities of kindergarten children, where I have to spell out everything.

And to answer your question about my effectiveness as an educationist - 53% of my students are high achievers. Of those, I would say that about 20% are of natural ability. the other 80% are nurtured.

i just wish people who have no experience in education would just listen to those who do, instead of throwing in their 2 sen worth of "opinion" based on nothing but whatever prejudice they hold.


Anon 18:07 said...

Eyes Wide Open

In this and the subsequent posting there are 3 persons who have basically similar opinion about you - Anon 13:24, Eyes Open Wider and me Anon 18:07. You should therefore ask yourself whether there is something wrong about what you write, how you write, etc.

If you insist on your stand and not bother about what others say I think you will not be welcome in any of the respectable blogs like Demi Negara and Sakmongkol. If you are, readers like the 3 of us will be taking you to task (remember this statement!! it gets better later!-EWO) and you, and others, will get distracted and you will not get your points across, merely making a nuisance of yourself.

(the rest of the yada,yada,yada...edited by EWO)


Eyes Wide Open said...

Apocryphalist (I named him cos i recognise this dungu's "Wizard of Oz" act. BTW Apo, since you're so smart, care to decipher what I mean by this? ;D)

"you insist on your stand and not bother about what others say"

And what pray tell do you understand my stand to be? State it clearly so I can rebut you.

Better still, let's not clutter the good Dato's space - as you said. You are welcome to debate on my blog or I can go to whatever forum you prefer. Either way is fine with me.

And as to your assertions that 3 people opposing me is an indication of the error of my opinions...Here's a lesson from history for you. You would do well to read and pay attention.

Winston Churchill was completely ignored by the British Parliament when he tried to warn them about Hitler before WW2.

The nation later turned to him for leadership against Hitler during the war.

Now, I'm not comparing myself to Churchill.

All I'm saying is - opposition is not proof of error! Otherwise, if I get a few people to oppose you - would it be proof of YOUR error then?


Eyes Open Wider said...

Hahahahaha. Eyes Wide Open is confused and tembak sana sini. He shoots in the dark and thinks apocryphalis is Anon. No laaaa.. apocryphalis is me laaa EWO. (Apo sue me if you can nyah nyah nyah) (aiyoo...such level of intellect & maturity!! no need for me to comment more la rite? - EWO). In fact all the anons yang don't agree with you is me laaa. You wish.

But you can't do anything now EWO because you have taken my advice and not reply me anymore. Unless of course you want to rescind your words. And manhood as well. (well, SOMEONE is in "full retreat" mode! Like a kindergarten bully who got kicked in the balls and runs away squealing "Nyeh nyeh! can't catch me!")

(there's more yada yada yada, but edited by EWO)


Anonymous said...

Eyes Wide Open

We are going to ignore you and the likes of you from now on. (EH?!! tadi cakap apanama..."taking you to task"? Ni apa pulak?!) Pity you will be cluttering this respectable blog and wasting our time skipping you over.

(the rest of the pek pok pek pok...edited by EWO)

--- end ---

Intellectually, I would place myself a little above a chimpanzee la. But If EWO can send this Apocryphalist dude packing with just a few flicks on my keyboard, where does he stand intellectually?

And this Apocryphalist character so pooh-pooh-proudly proclaims himself to be everybody's mental superior. He's even got his own entourage of ball-carriers, ever ready hold an orgy to stroke his big, long, hard, throbbing ego...whenever and wherever he decides to park his brain and fart out his opinion.

Eh, Apo, if you're really so damn good ah, go start an open blog like me la. See you got balls or brains enough to spar with your commentors or not! Don't release your "silent killers" then disappear! Anonymous elevator farting is so low-class - and so is the blogging equivalent that you practise.

Oh well, if any of you right-minded guys don't mind wasting a few minutes of your life to read the rest of the hot air blowing out of his/their asses, you can click here.

You have been warned...

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